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Security Ghost Video

This security ghost video is the footage of what can be found while on patrolling haunted buildings at night.

"Something's dead out there." - House of Wax

Sorry guys, but we will not be showing the famous London dungeon ghosts footage where the guy jumps out at the end. That's just too cheap for us.

This first video was captured at the Coral Cafe in Burbank,California. It is a diner that looks just like any other diner,however, it appears that something is helping the guy bus tables and mop the floor. Makes you wonder what really goes on in the middle of the night when we're sleeping.

The second ghost footage was captured by a security guard on his cell phone. As we've said before, cell phone footage is unreliable because the quality is so poor, the image could be anything. But this one looks weird and spooky, so you guys might like looking at it. It's probably just a person in the corner. But on a cell phone it looks like a shadow person.

See what you think.

Security Ghost Video
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