Ghost on Security Tape

Are you looking for that famous ghost on security tape?

"He had the darkest eyes...the devil's eyes!"
- Halloween

Do you hunt the net for streaming live ghost cams? Have you been monitoring a dark room in Ireland for hours or a gloomy attic in New England for days? It’s about time you had some action. You need some real ghost videos and this video is very authentic-looking.

Ghost video cams are amazing--with just aclick of a button, you can see a room way on the other side of the world? But when it comes to looking for ghosts, you can sit there for hours and 99% of the time nothing even happens or you have to really stretch the imagination to "see it."

This video is real footage from a security company. Watch toward the back and see if you can spot it.

It's possible that this is a fake as it could be a person hiding behind the pillar. But it looks so real, we felt it deserved to be posted here.

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