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Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the receipt of voice on audiotape or other electronic recording device for which there is no known physical source. The Hollywood film, "White Noise," depicted the phenomenon specifically. While some researchers believe the recordings are voices from beyond, EVP remains controversial as many reason the voices are merely voices from radio and television broadcasts, from CB radio transmissions, or even just imagination.

EVP recordings are one of the first high-tech attempts to communicate with spirits and since the early 1900's scientists and researchers have attempted to build devices that would capture spirit impressions electronically, with much difficulty and disappointing results.
EVP remained relatively unknown until 1959 when Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish opera singer, painter and film producer discovered unexplainable voices on tape. He was tape-recording bird songs in the countryside near his villa, when on playback, he heard a male voice discuss "nocturnal bird songs" in Norwegian. At first he thought it was interference from a radio broadcast but nontheless made other recordings to see if the same thing happened. Though he heard no voices during taping, many voices were heard on playback. The voices even gave personal information about Jurgenson, plus instructions on to record more voices, leaving an indelible impression upon Jurgenson.

By the 1980s, thousands of EVP researchers around the world were recording messages from the dead. Many of the researchers are engineers and electronics experts who have devised sophisticated experimental equipment for capturing the voices. Beginning in the 1970s, several research organizations were founded that delved into the acquisition and study of electronic voice phenomenon.

In 1982, Sarah Estep developed a rating system for the voices: Class C are the faintest recordings--even indecipherable; Class B voices are louder and clearer; and Class A voices are clear, can be heard without headphones and can even be duplicated onto other tapes.

Critics explain it away as highly subjective, susceptible to imagination, and mere natural phenomenon. They explain that if someone wants to hear something bad enough, they will.

On these pages you will find offerings of EVP recordings for you. As with all our video, we make no claims to authenticity, we merely present them for viewing and listening pleasure. Make your own adjudications on these recordings, but whatever you do, have a great time doing it!

EVP 1 Scottish Paranormal investigates Mary Kings Close. Creepy. Very creepy.

EVP 2 captured on a bridge in Gettysburg, PA.

EVP 3 A collage of EVP recordings. Listen and decide: are they really the voices of the dead?

EVP 4 a recording from the Villisca Axe Murder house in Villisca, Iowa.

EVP 5 a little ditty captured at a haunted pub in Essex, England.

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