Here we have an EVP that was captured in an obviously-old pub in Essex, England. This particular recording is rather difficult to hear, but you can hear a woman's high-pitched voice prior to all the racket and banging.

Electronic voice phenomenon is not heard at the time of recording, but the impressions becoming audible only after playback. Researches investigate for these recordings at any time day or night, but it is said that the best time to get recordings is after dark, when the rest of the world is quiet. This elminates outside broadcast interference.

At one time, it was thought that the phenomenon only became apparent through audio devices, but today we know it is also detectable on such media as television, video and film cameras--even computers. (Watch out! Note that you are about to watch a video.) And for any of you who saw the movie White Noise, you are all too aware of this fact. There is even a theory that tuning a television to 740 megahertz will produce paranormal phenomenon.

In our search for credible material, we have come across many recordings that sound faked. Some of the voices heard could actually people in the next room or across the hall, or dogs barking the street. We try hard to weed out these types of things although we more than likely err by eliminating worthy material.

Take a look at this recording video and see what you think.

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