E Audio Books

Relax and Relieve Stress While Expanding Your Mind

I love e audio books, don't you? I liken them to magic carpets for the imagination; they transport you, they enchant you. Popping one into your listening device leads you to an immersive world of tales and lore where wonder and mystery awaits.

Unlike other forms of entertainment like movies, television and Internet, books are not restrictive because they are freely accessible anywhere, anytime. And they are conveniently portable.

Book reading is enriching and rewarding because your mind's eye can't help but visualize what you are reading. This engages you in the story making you an active participant, not a zoned-out couch potato planted in front of a television.

Just like reading, e audio books provide the same journeys into the imagination, but someone else is doing the reading for you! You get all of the same descriptive content, internal dialogue and mental imagery you get from a printed story, but your hands are free to do other things!

E audio books' immersive, engaging benefits are quite valuable in many ways:

  • They help you escape the doldrums of the day-to-day grind. Because e audio books leave your hands free, you can wash dishes or do chores while enjoying your favorite stories.
  • They're not just valuable for alleviating the gloom of everyday work, either. You can knit, sew, scrapbook and even play games without missing a chapter.
  • In the afternoons, you can escape to other exciting universes without leaving the house or disturbing any napping members of the family. Hubbies and kids alike will snooze contentedly in a quiet household while you get your own well-deserved moment of peace. No one has to know that YOUR quiet time is filled with decadent romance, intriguing mystery or a thrilling adventure. :-)
  • Do you work out? Shatter the tedium of boring treadmills and grueling stair climbers with digital recordings from your favorite author. Get the sleekest thighs and sexiest abs while enjoying audio scary stories or audio ghost stories.
  • You're not limited to fiction, so download that inspirational or motivational book you've been wanting and take a new step towards achieving your goals!
  • Going on a trip? Commute to your job? Relax as the miles roll away under your wheels. You'll be more absorbed in your story than any traffic woes. Watch your stress levels plummet!
  • Some companies allow headphones at work. Listening to your favorite author will help you pass the time more quickly. Overtime is a good time when you've got audio book stories!
  • Getting away from the television and listening to Halloween stories with your family, will help your kids do better in school and bring your family closer.
  • E audio books help you relieve stress, forget your troubles, pass the time and improve your family life. It's money very, very well spent.

Different Formats for Different Needs

These books come in various formats. You can order CDs for delivery to your home, or you can purchase MP3 versions and download them instantly. Play them on your iPod or other MP3 player and start enjoying hour favorite authors right away. Hours and hours of entertainment at your fingertips await you right now.

Which format is right for you?

Aside from a portable player, CDs are great for listening to e audio books on your home stereo or in the car. If you belong to a book club or have friends who share your passion, CDs can be an easy way to share your favorites.

MP3 versions are the perfect choice for those with busy schedules. Make your selections, download them to your device and you are on your way instantly.

Listen to Stories in Any Genre from Most Authors

I prefer spooky haunted stories and the macabre or supernatural tales, but you may like crime novels, science fiction or fantasy. Everybody's different. But that's okay because there are plenty of genres to choose from.

Where do you get these magical digital works? There are a couple of sources you would be happy with.

Blackstone Audio - Audiobooks

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Or, for those of you needing suggestions, here are some very interesting possibilities and available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD!


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