Haunted Hotels

Haunted hotels are gems for
avid ghost fans.
The chance to get up close and personal with an apparition is an opportunity of a lifetime. In order to see an apparition, one has to be in the right place at the right time and getting oneís hands on one of these haunts can be a trick. Abandoned buildings are legally off-limits, not to mention dangerous. Unless one is a paranormal investigator, oneís prospects of finding a haunted inn can be slim because one just doesnít have the connections.

Well, I'm going to help you change that. In this section are a list of hotels researched by me AND the tales of those who have visited haunted hotels. The hotels I research are reportedly haunted and the properties will welcome you, allowing you to experience a most haunted location for yourself.

The Overlook Hotel Many of these hotels on my list encourage or even host investigations so you may even be able to secure a room where paranormal activity has been known to exist. No more sneaking around treacherous areas where you can be hurt. No more breaking the law. Rent a room and soak up all the spooky amenities. Stay up all night gathering evidence Ė be polite, donít disturb the other guests and you may have carte blanche to get EVP, photo evidence and video.

Below my list are the stories of those who witnessed a haunting at a hotel. It may be a famous hotel, possibly from my list, or one I haven't yet researched. As visitors submit their evidence and stories, I will be posting those accounts here.

"Whatever you do, don't fall asleep."
- A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Why are hotels such paranormal hotspots? Because hotels are like houses - people live their lives there. Thing is, a because so many come and go, hotels contain a lot more lives than a house, which creates a bigger opportunity for energies to build up. Heck, back in the day, many people even resided permanently in hotels. Lots of human emotion occurs within hotel walls and many life events are experienced there - weddings, births, merriment, celebration, break-ups, illnesses, personal tragedy, etc. - the kind of emotional events hauntings are made of.

Just think what this could mean for you and your ghost hunting friends. These are places where you may be able to experiment with your equipment, gather your own evidence and maybe Ė just maybe Ė encounter an apparition of your own. On the other hand, you could leave your gear at home and treat yourself to a wonderful getaway. Have a great meal, some good drinks and just enjoy yourself!

To search for a hotel now, click here. (Click the "Search by Hotel Name" at the bottom of the page, if you want to search by name and not location.)

Even if you canít visit one of these haunted hotels, itís great to learn the history and the stories behind them. Have you ever noticed that a large part of ghost hunting is becoming a bit of an historian? Not only is it a thrill, itís educational, too.

So kick bank, dust off your history books and enjoy what I love presenting - a list of delightful, yet eerie, haunted hotels. And to those lucky enough to visit them: have a wonderful and safe trip. Please keep us posted as to your findings.

Baltimore, Maryland

Austin, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Waxahachie, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Tales from the Dark Side of Haunted Hotels

Have you stayed at a haunted hotel? Did you witness anything peculiar . . . or haunted? We want to hear about it.

Place your cursor in the white box below and send us the details of your stay and upload your photos, too. This is one place where orbs are allowed, but make sure you fill us in on what occurred. Did you feel a presence? Did you check to make sure there wasn't a reasonable explanation? Please provide all details so our visitors can see for themselves if they want to visit, too.

Name your Experience

Read Tales from Haunted Hotels Here

Click below to read about people who have stayed in a haunted hotel and what they experienced.

Violent Hotel Ghost  starstarstarstarstar
I was sleeping in a hotel and in the middle of the night, I tried to get up out of bed. There was something holding m down by the neck and after 30 seconds ...

Haunted Hotel - Holiday Inn Express, Valentine, Nebraska  starstarstarstarstar
Staying in a second floor room, my son woke me up with his screeching and crying. I turned the lamp on and found my son curled up in the corner of the ...

Haunted Hotels: Station Hotel (Dudely)  starstarstarstarstar
My first story about Station Hotel (Dudely):

Staff have moved barrels for delivery and when they went upstairs, they heard moving downstairs. They ...

Ghost Lady At The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX  starstarstarstarstar
I took this photo in the old lobby of the Menger Hotel. My husband and I waited until about 4 a.m. to go walking around. We also got some really good ...

Haunted Basin Park Hotel In Eureka Springs, AR  starstarstarstarstar
This photo was shot looking up a flight of stairs, so the girl reflected in the window would either have to be floating mid-air, or be standing about 10 ...

Crescent Hotel Ghost  starstarstarstarstar
After seeing a show about ghosts at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we decided to go there in 2009, and see it for ourselves. We took ...

Haunted Hotels: The Emily Morgan Hotel  starstarstarstarstar
I was visiting San Antonio, Texas with my mom, dad, and my friend, Eric in June of 2009. I always had a huge interest in ghosts ever since I was little ...

Ghost Stories from the Crescent Hotel   starstarstarstarstar
I am about to tell you what is true but hard to believe. I have to share this story with someone. So sit back and let me take you on a true ride in what ...

Jackie the Queen Mary talking ghost child   starstarstarstarstar
This is a clip of some audio Bob Davis and Brian Clune of Planet Paranormal Investigations captured of Jackie the talking ghost child who inhabits the ...

Bullock Hotel Ghost in Mirror  starstarstarstarstar
My wife took me to Deadwood, S.D. for a week-long stay in the Bullock Hotel for my 60th birthday. When I heard that the Bullock Hotel was haunted, I went ...

Ghost at Wild Boar at Crook  starstarstarstarstar
My son and his family stayed at this hotel in the English Lake district. It is an ancient hotel. They had difficult times in their room - taps turning ...

A Ghost on the Balcony in the French Quarter of New Orleans  starstarstarstarstar
I took this picture on a haunted history tour. I didn't notice it until later. LOTS and LOTS of orb pictures, and chilling accounts of New Orleans history,...

Apparition in Front of the Gettysburg Hotel  starstarstarstar
On a trip tp Gettysburg in July 2007, my son and I decided to go down to Lincoln Square in the center of town. It was approximately 10:30 p.m. and the ...

Orb in Las Vegas Hotel  starstarstarstar
I was in Las Vegas Nevada in Aug 2007 for a friend's weight lifting cmp. I took alot of pictures. When I loaded my pictures on my computer I saw that ther ...

Ghost of the Hotel Del Coronado  starstarstar
It was in 1987. My mother, my father and I stopped at the Hotel Del Coronado to sleep. One night I saw the ghost of the hotel on the TV. It was Kate Morgan....

Haunted Stanley Hotel, Colorado  starstarstar
I was at the Stanley on a Ghost Tour two weeks ago. I came back with four orb pictures (which I can send you if you wish), and upon further investigation ...

Whaley House in San Diego  Not rated yet
Below is the email I wrote to the email address on the Whaley house website.


My name is Benny Villa and I recently visited the Whaley house ...

Strange Photo at the Cavalier Hotel - Virginia Beach, VA  Not rated yet
Attached for your review is a story with some photos of the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA. Not sure what to make of the image in the photo. Have ...

Jackie on Queen Mary  Not rated yet
Roughly around 2008 my then fiance and I went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. I've always felt an unexplainable attraction to the ship. It ...

Geiser Grand Hotel  Not rated yet
In Baker City Oregon is the Geiser Grand Hotel which is well known for its paranormal guests. After spending a very creepy night at the hotel we took a ...

The Historic Menger Hotel  Not rated yet
About a month ago I came across one of those ghost documentaries on the History Channel or A&E, Iím not sure which. They had a show on The Menger Hotel ...

The Plaza Hotel in NYC  Not rated yet
Its has been quite some time since I've experienced this, but felt it needed to be shared. I can find no other stories of the Plaza Hotel, depicting any ...

Cresent Hotel Ghost, Eureka Springs, AR.   Not rated yet
I was visiting the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, with my sis Ada. I snapped this shot of one of the rooms in the basement, until my sis came and ...

Stanley Hotel-Estes Park,Co  Not rated yet
My ex husband and I stayed in room #401 at the Stanley and got what we bargained for!

There was a really heavy atmosphere in the room to begin with,...

Presence at the Comfort Inn of DeFuniak Springs, FL  Not rated yet
As a long-time hospitality employee, I am used to odd things happening at hotels. Strange noises, unexplained feelings of being watched, etcetera are par ...

Alex Johnson Hotel  Not rated yet
1) As with many old hotels, entities who enjoyed the hotel while alive have decided to make this glorious hotel their after-life home.

2) A heart-broken ...

Another Crescent Hotel Ghost....  Not rated yet
Recently, while visiting the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, I caught another ghost in a photo. The funny thing is that at the time, I was explaining ...

The Haunted Hotel Galvez  Not rated yet
The apprehension of state testing can diminish the strongest of spirits. As a third grade teacher, year after year, I find myself completely frazzled ...

The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas  Not rated yet
This hotel has been investigated several times. It had also been broken into by teenagers. Some teens took video with their cell phones and posted it on ...

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia - Greenbrier Hotel  Not rated yet
The Greenbrier is a beautiful, big place and many people go there. However, I was with my friend Meredith and we were exploring, so we went into the "Virginia ...

Haunted Loft Hotel  Not rated yet
The story of an historical hotel in Ohio is featured in this video. It is featured on True Ghost Stories from Ohio Volume 2. Pretty creepy stuff.

Check ...

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