Haunted Stanley Hotel, Colorado

by George Cassella

I was at the Stanley on a Ghost Tour two weeks ago. I came back with four orb pictures (which I can send you if you wish), and upon further investigation I have the attached.

I didnít notice it until I was on the plane home and zoomed in on all my Stanley pictures. I was shocked at first and have been showing it to people the past few weeks and been getting similar reactions of amazement. At first I thought it was a dog, then after zooming closer it certainly looks like an apparition of a little boy.

If you look at the people on the ground they are so clear, when you look at the window it looks like a vision. Youíll also notice there is no curtain or glass to distort the view; the window is open.

I contacted the hotel to find out about the room and this is what they said:

"OK, the room number is 1211. Last Friday, there was a single man checked in that room who was part of a business conference. That doesn't mean he DIDN'T have a child with him, but it is unlikely that he did. Cool pic!"

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Haunted Stanley Hotel, Colorado

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Jun 08, 2011
by: Bryn

I like your picture of the little boy in the window, and I think it would be interesting if you could maybe get it analyzed by someone with a more scientific background. I'm not saying that it's a ghost, but it certainly is interesting!

As for your orbs, just keep in mind that about 98% of the time, orbs are really dust particles and bugs. Since the Stanley is pretty old, there are probably particles that float around all the time.

I know you can't usually see them with your naked eye, but they reflect light really strangely when you take a picture, and they produce an orb effect. I'm sure you can find an article about it.

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