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Welcome to our Ghost Stories for Kids page. This section is for the younger crowd with a curiosity for adventure and the unknown. They are not only about spooky encounters, but occasionally you will also find tales with a very cute and friendly spirit in them. They are a great way to keep the little ones busy and their creative imaginations motivated. Click here to begin reading ghost stories for kids. We think you and your little ones will like them!

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Ghost Dog
By Pete Johnson

It was just a scary story and everyone knows that stories can't hurt you. Daniel only made it up to frighten tough, big-headed Aaron. But now the Ghost Dog is in Daniel's dreams and each night the terrifying beast stalks him through the mist. Daniel is beginning to think that somehow it is not just a story any more.Winner of the Young Telegraph Award, this ghostly tale from one of today's most exciting children's authors is matched with the voice talent of Peter England, the voice of Edmund in BBC Radio's Chronicles of Narnia.

By Roald Dahl

"The Trunchbull" is no match for Matilda! Who put superglue in Dad's hat? Was it really a ghost that made Mom tear out of the house? Matilda is a genius with idiot parents -- and she's having a great time driving them crazy. But at school things are different. At school there's Miss Trunchbull, two hundred menacing pounds of kid-hating headmistress. Get rid of the Trunchbull and Matilda would be a hero. But that would take a superhuman genius, wouldn't it?

The Pembrokeshire Wizard
By David Senn

There are 5 quests for you to undertake throughout Pembrokeshire, a county in Wales, in the UK.

When completed the adventure continues to find the Golden Cup of Knowledge on the PC Quiz Game.

If you are successful you will be awarded a Pembrokeshire Wizard Certificate of Merit.

Each dramatized quest consists of a simple walk (3.5 miles maximum).

Pwll, The Prince of Wizards, will guide you, taking you back in time telling you the History, Legends and Myths of this enchanting land.

The Story Girl
by L.M. Montgomery

"Conlin best performs the stories the story girl tells; in these her voice and demeanor come alive with natural enthusiasm." AudioFile

Sara Stanley is only fourteen, but she can weave tales that are impossible to resist. In the charming town of Carlisle, children and grown-ups alike flock from miles around to hear her spellbinding tales. And when Bev King and his younger brother Felix arrive for the summer, they, too, are captivated by the Story Girl. Whether she's leading them on an exciting misadventure or narrating timeless storiesfrom the scary "Tale of the Family Ghost" to the fanciful "How Kissing Was Discovered" to the bittersweet "The Blue Chest of Rachel Ward"the Story Girl has her audience hanging on every word.

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The Ghost of Christmas Presents An adorable Christmas story about growing up.

The Secret of Phantom MountainTable of Contents. An adventure story also calledTom Swift Among the Diamond Makers by Victor Appleton.

Chapter 1 A Suspicious Jeweler.

Chapter 2 A Midnight Visit.

Chapter 3 A Strange Story.

Chapter 4 Andy Foger Gets a Fright.

Chapter 5 A Mysterious Man.

Chapter 6 Mr. Damon is on Hand.

Chapter 7 Mr. Parker Predicts.

Chapter 8 Off for the West.

Chapter 9 A Warning by Wireless.

Chapter 10 Dropping the Stowaway.

Chapter 11 A Weary Search.

Chapter 12 The Great Stone Head.

Chapter 13 On Phantom Mountain.

Chapter 14 Warned Back.

Chapter 15 The Landslide.

Chapter 16 The Vast Cavern.

Chapter 17 The Phantom Captured.

Chapter 18 Bill Renshaw Will Help.

Chapter 19 In the Secret Cave.

Chapter 20 Making the Diamonds.

Chapter 21 Flashing Gems.

Chapter 22 Prisoners.

Chapter 23 Broken Bonds.

Chapter 24 In Great Peril.

Chapter 25 The Mountain Shattered.

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