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Ghost Stories from the Crescent Hotel

by Clovas

I am about to tell you what is true but hard to believe. I have to share this story with someone. So sit back and let me take you on a true ride in what I can only say is the unknown.

I went to this place called Eureka Springs and stayed in a hotel called the Crescent Hotel. My daughter and I were joking around about what we had been told - if you take something from a haunted place you are taking the chance of a ghost or something to follow you back.

So we took several pieces of bark from a couple of trees on the property. Enough of it to have but not enough that we defaced the beautiful trees. We laughed about it as we all drove back to our home state. Now this is where it gets crazy . . .

We arrived home and put the bark in plastic zip lock bags and just pitched them on the top of our refrigerator. As a few days went by we had forgotten what we did and went on with our daily life. Then a few more days we started to have little things happen. Little things that grew to be bigger things! Everyone started to witness things but did not share with one another until it started getting out of hand. My granddaughter was only six months old she began to laugh at something right in front of her and her eyes would follow something across the room and then for no reason, she would scream as if something frightened her. We threw that out as nothing until we started hearing steps on the upper floor of this home.

My older son, home from college, came to me one day and was very upset. He asked me to listen with an open mind. Afraid of how I would react or laugh I had to coax it out of him of what was bothering him. He claimed around 2:30 - 3ish in the morning, he saw this figure of a man come from my bedroom and walk up the stairs. I asked him if it could have been his father he saw, he answered, "No this was not Dad." He then started to hear his name called out at times. When he would go to investigate he found no one anywhere around. He then told me about one night he was laying in his bed with the lights off and he saw this man stooped down beside his bed looking at him with a dead stare. He hurried and grabbed his cell phone to flip it open for light and saw no one there. Well, still not convinced, thinking all of this is just to play a joke on me. I then heard something walking on the upper floor when no one was home one day. Another time the door I kept closed to the stairs leading to the upper floor came open, and no breeze to say that was it. No one home at the time. I began to get this feeling something was watching me.

This eerie feeling was a presence around me more now than ever, also a week of being back home from our trip the cats started to fight viciously with each other. Now to give you perspective, these cats were found as 4 week old kittens when we moved in this house five years prior to this happening and were raised with each other and always played and bathed each other, shared everything and never had a problem till this time. We had to get them declawed due to the fact they were drawing blood from each other.

My daughter began to have bad dreams and felt very uncomfortable in the upper floor bedroom. She refuses to be up in the upper floor bedroom, she said she felt as if something was watching her all the time. We would hear strange running in the woods of our property when relaxing at night on the lower deck porch. When we would shine our spot light in the woods and go to investigate, we found nothing. Our two dogs would bark at the roof and act as if they really wanted to get at whatever was there. We would see nothing. Well the biggest skeptic in our home was my husband. He began at times to mute the TV and ask me who is home and coming down the stairs, when there was no one coming down the stairs. No one we could see. Showers would turn ice cold at certain times when showering when no one else was home. Before we sold the house and relocated in Minnesota from Missouri, I began to get depressed. I became very drawn into myself and wanting to be left alone by family and friends. Now we live in a whole new state and home and it has stopped.

Now as the family got together and talked about all that was happening to us, I decided to leave the bark in the way back of one of the cabinets and not destroy it or throw it away. This was because I was lost on what to do. I asked my mother who is a retired evangelist preacher if I did wrong by taking something from somewhere I should not had. Her reply to me was yes. She said you test all kinds of powers when you start to antagonize the unknown.

Written By

Clovas. H

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Ghost Stories from the Crescent Hotel

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May 29, 2011
Abused By Demons!!!
by: Tamie Linson

Everything that you have described is demons that are coming against all of you and they are not ghosts! They want you to think they are ghosts because they are sly and cunning and very evil and of course they are liars! The whole world is in a war with these evil creatures that are in the spirit realm that most of the time you can not see them and they want the whole world to not have this vital information which is this: The Bible says, We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Please read Ephesians Chapter 6 in the BIBLE on how to be equipped to fight the devils that only come to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY!

Aug 04, 2010
by: Mary Jo

Hi. I liked your story, but I am curious why you would even try such a thing? Did you take the ghost tour? I know that when we took it, we were warned not to antagonize the ghosts, and to be careful not to "invite" them to go home with us.

Every time we go out ghost hunting, I make a point of letting them know that they are not welcome to go home with us. Your story is actually a good lesson for the rest of us to be very careful.

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