White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia - Greenbrier Hotel

by Julia
(Pennsylvania, USA)

The Greenbrier is a beautiful, big place and many people go there. However, I was with my friend Meredith and we were exploring, so we went into the "Virginia Room" which is beautiful and very historic. However, when Meredith took a picture of the fireplace, a ghostly white face appeared above the left side of the fireplace, and when Meredith zoomed in, we could even see the outline of the eyes, nose, and lips. She snapped it on a Kodak EasyShare digital camera, and I snapped a photo of it on a throw-away, and both cameras showed it.

Another reason is there were many cold spots, (no air conditioning or fans) and when Meredith went near the fireplace, she felt something rush through her, and the odd sensation continued for 3 minutes straight.

Even though we respect the hotel and the dead, we believe that the Greenbrier Hotel is indeed haunted.

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