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Crescent Hotel Ghost

by Mary Jo Fraley
(Moody, TX, USA)

Crescent Hotel Ghost

Crescent Hotel Ghost

Crescent Hotel Ghost My Version Crescent Hotel Ghost 1 Crescent Hotel Ghost  2

After seeing a show about ghosts at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we decided to go there in 2009, and see it for ourselves. We took the ghost tour, and heard about how the place had once been a cancer research hospital, and how many of the bodies were hidden in the walls, floors, and grounds of the place.

We waited until around midnight, and went walking around the hotel. It is a huge, castle-like structure that sits on top of a mountain. Although the old morgue area is off limits other than on the tour, we were able to go down into the restrooms, which are just down the hall from there.

I opened the door to the women's restroom, which was pitch-black at the time. My granddaughter and I stepped in, made sure that we were alone, and snapped this photo. We quickly turned around, and walked back out. The place just had a creepy feel to it.

This year, almost to the day, we revisited the hotel. We went back down to that same restroom, and I asked if anyone was in there. No answer. So, I said rather loudly, "I know that you're here. I got your photo last year." All of a sudden, the toilet in the first stall began to clang loudly, as if someone was jiggling the handle like crazy. I didn't stick around long after that. I did manage to snap a few photos, and yes, he did show up again.

Both visits, I did look under the stall doors to make sure no one was there, and remember this is the WOMEN'S restroom.

I am a long time genealogist, and it really eats at me that no one can identify this person. There are very few records that might identify him. The doctor that ran the place wanted no evidence of who had been disposed of, so he destroyed most of the records.

I know that the ghost can be hard to see, but he is reflected in the mirror about midway. He is standing sort of sideways, looking straight at me, with holes where his eyes should be. If you have trouble seeing him, I find it easier to first locate his arm running down the side of his body. You might also notice the orbs in the photo.

Update: Info from Mary Jo

Since the original photo that I submitted was so hard to see, I have tried to outline the ghost in black. I hope that this helps everyone to see what I see.

I am trying to get an outlined version of my ghost photo in for the viewers. I really hope this works!

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Crescent Hotel Ghost

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Jul 07, 2011
My visit

Thank you for pointing this out. We visited in 2009 as well and I have to agree this bathroom has a very creepy feeling to it, so much so that I went back to my room to use the facilities. This is a great place to visit. The tour was fun and the hotel was great we got some amazing pictures as well.

Feb 26, 2011
Just a shadow
by: Anonymous

Terrible photo. The wall is stone so it is rough and the camera had a flash which lights up part of the room but creates a shadow in the far left part of the room that is shown in the reflection of the mirror.

Jan 02, 2011
Crescent hotel
by: Dee

We to went on the ghost tour in 2008. Our tour guide, Chuck, was informative. There is something in that bathroom.

Also the strongest feeling of spirits was in the lower level floor. While in the morgue there was a young girl that was pushed into the wall causing her to become so upset that her father had to carry her out. The 'GIFT" that I have allows me to not only see but speak to the spirits which was very helpful to our guide. I was able to answer a lot of questions he had and yes, he did put me through a test to make sure I was for real! Most people do! This is the only place that has ever scared me!

Aug 02, 2010
Okay I See It!
by: Brenda - Webmaster

The new pic you sent is much better. I can see it now. I expanded both views (outlined and not outlined) so everyone can see this too.

Thanks Mary Jo for being so diligent and getting me the new versions.

Well, what do you think guys?


Jul 30, 2010
No Way!
by: Mary Jo Fraley

Hi, Brenda. I am more than willing to send you a hard copy of the photo so that you can see him. The online version just doesn't do it justice.

When I bought my new computer, I found that I can no longer use my Picture It software so that I can make the photo clearer for you.

The ghost is flesh colored. He is a dirty blonde, although he looks to have a fit body, his neck seems to be short, like he had been a stocky guy at one time.

I took a copy of the photo to the folks at the Crescent, and they were thrilled with it. They saw him plain as day, as did everyone there ghost hunting at that time.

Let me see if I can find a way to make him clearer for you, and resend. I REALLY want you to see him.

Jul 29, 2010
Once Again . . .
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Hi Mary Jo

This one was really hard to see. I made my own version and indicated where I think it is. Let me know if I'm right.

If I am, I don't know . . . that's really pushing it. It could just be pixelation on the photo.


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