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In our search for authentic-looking ghost video,

"No more wire hangers EVER!"
Mommie Dearest (1981)

In our search for authentic-looking ghosts footage, we come across a lot of footage that just doesn't make the cut. This can be disheartening at times, as the video can sometimes look very real, very convincing, but then just at the last second something occurs that renders it unusable. This happens quite a bit, actually, as amateur videographers pull out their web cams to shoot their own movie short, aiming to be the next Scorsese or Tarantino.

Some of these works are actually quite good, but we have our standards and if they aren't good enough for us, they aren't good enough for you. Maybe someday we'll start a section for our out takes and you can see the one's that didn't make it. But for now, we'll just keep looking for the best one's available.

This selection is very intriguing. It is supposedly a clip of someone who went into a cemetery and filmed a hole that was in one of the gravesites. They insinuate that what emerges is a spirit. We're not sure. If you pause the stream at the exact right moment, you can isolate the object or entity coming out of the hole. However, it is impossible to tell what this ghosts images is  . . . could it be a rodent?

(UPDATE: The owner of this work admits it was not supernatural. But we're leaving it up, just for the fun of it.)

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