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Free Ghost Videos

This is our original vault of free ghost videos >>>

Some of my visitors aren't sure if they believe in the paranormal. They are searching for evidence of real ghosts on tape or ghosts video footage and want to see apparitions, orbs, entities and poltergeists. This is where we keep that evidence in free ghost videos. This is where our original vault of videos.

Folks, trying to find paranormal evidence on live ghost cams may be intriguing at first, but it can leave a ghost hunter feeling empty. Because most of the time, nothing happens!

Ghost hunting is not an easy job. Besides lugging around and setting up heavy equipment, it requires tremendous patience and vast amounts of time. Imagine traveling to a haunted location, filming a seemingly vacant room for hours and then the monotony of reviewing the endless miles of film for a single second of anomalous activity. On top of having spare time, one has to have a lot of really good luck.

It requires being in the right place at the right time when activity does occur and having one's cameras placed in the precise position to actually catch the ghosts on tape. Free ghost videos are great fun for at-home paranormal investigators as they can get a glimpse of an entity without ever having to set up camp in a damp, cold graveyard, or spend the night in a creepy abandoned prison.

Watching our free ghost videos is much easier.

Some of my visitors enjoy the thrills of getting spooked. For those visitors, suggest a scary movie so they can get as scared as they wish. In fact, there are a couple of ghost videos that are available for free that I would suggest to the lovers of horror and the macabre. The first film is Evil Dead. Sure it was made in 1981, but it remains at the top of my list of the scariest movies of all time. It all begins when a group of kids take off for a getaway weekend at a cabin in some remote woods. They discover a cellar and explore its contents only to find an ancient book that is bound in human flesh. Along with the book are discovered tapes recorded by the former resident, describing his encounters with an evil spirit and the eventual demon possession of his wife. When one of the pretty girls. Her subsequently grotesque behavior and blood-thirst spread through the group like a plague. Finally, Ashley discovers the only way to survive the weekend - and it's not pretty sight. Considering this movie was made before computerized special effects, it is still quite creepy and horrific, albeit a bit on the silly side due to its overly exaggerated attempts to disgust its viewers. This film is a first for Bruce Campbell and an early work of Sam Raimi

Another great film about haunted places and subsequent possession is The Shining. This is a very well-known story by Stephen King. Jack Nicholson plays "Jack Torrance," a writer, husband and father with a weakness for the hard stuff. Taking a job at a gorgeous hotel in Colorado - The Overlook, Jack is slowly invaded by the lingering spirit of a former caretaker and adopts the same fate of his predecessors. This is a very scary movie and a must-see, especially if you like Stephen King. Just try to ignore Shelley Duvall's inability to scream convincingly.

A newer film that you may not know about is one I recently saw. It's called Wind Chill. This is one of the best ghost movies I've seen in a long time. It's about two college students who carpool together to make it home for the holidays. You'll never guess that on their way home, their car breaks down! Although the breakdown may be a bit cliche, the rest of the movie is quite original. It is while they are broken down on the side of the road that they are haunted by the ghosts of those who have been stranded in the exact same spot. As the movie progresses, the plot gets creepier and creepier. This is an unnerving movie that I highly recommend for ghost fans.

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