Real Ghost Video

This looks like a real ghost video.

It is 4 minutes, 21 seconds long. At first, it is a little boring as it appears to be a gathering of people such as a party or something. But as the video continues to roll, it becomes apparent that it is a ritual of sorts.

It is an amature video and is obviously not professionally produced. Our sources say this video has not been edited and what you are about to see really happened. Watch along until about 3:14 minutes. You will see the gentleman with the incense approach the girl in the pink shirt. She begins to stammer and to cry. She falls on the ground.

Watch her hands carefully. They turn from pink/flesh colored, to absolutely white.

Then it appears that the gentlemen grabs an unseen something out of the top of her head and discards it, after which he strokes the girl's back and she returns to normal.

This looks like an excorcism. 

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