Ghost Orb

A ghost orb is similar to a ghost light in behavior and reaction to light and sound, yet much different as a it is not visible to the naked eye

"An animal? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
- Evil Dead

and can only be seen on film and infrared monitors. Some investigators believe This that orbs are dust or insects, but that explanation doesn't satisfy many other paranormal researchers who believe that orbs are true evidence of a haunting especially when other phenomenon are present such as sharp changes in temperature and increases in electromagnetic energy.

At times, these light anomalies seem sentient, changing direction quickly and unexpectedly, twinkling and reacting to the presence of people.

Not everyone discounts orb photography as bunk, but apparently photographic film and digital images are prone to refractions of light and pixel loss. They tend to be pale white or blue and transparent. But those caught on video are much more reliable, are brighter and much denser looking than their photographic counterparts.

This video, taken at an antebellum mansion in Georgia, could be the images of a true example. Take a look as it starts out and the top of the stairs and descends. It almost resemblesthe energy of someone walking slowly down the stairs.

Take a look and see what you think.

Ghost Orb
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