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Ghost Caught on Video

Are the following the images of a ghost caught on video?

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."
- Jaws (1975)

We strive to locate the most authentic-looking videos for you, so you can watch them and decide for yourself. Anything that is obviously faked is a waste of everyone's time (except for thefunny ghost videos). We want to provide fodder for your imagination and curiosity, so only the most real will do.

The trouble with trying to catch a ghost on video is that most footage is disputable unless one is present at the time of shooting. An orb can always be discounted as an insect or dust. The movement of an object can be construed as a trick with wires or cables. As a viewer, one can argue that there are environmental factors outside the scope of the lens causing the phenomenon that is displayed before us.

Can we say these images are ghosts caught on video? No. But they are interesting to look at and think about.

Check these out to see if you think these are ghosts caught on video.

The follow is a mist appearing on a street curb. It could be a ghost, or it could be someone's breath just out of sight of the camera.

A woman sleeps on her sofa while an orb passes through the room. Is it dust or an insect, or a ghost caught on video?

In this video, a door opens and closes on its own. Looks realistic to us . . . although the floorboards could be loose.

Photos from a cemetery excursion. It very well be that these are ghosts caught on video. Or maybe one of them was a smoker!

Thank you for watching our ghosts caught on video. Did you like what you saw? Okay . . . We promise. We'll try harder . . .

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