Ghost Video Paranormal Experience

Along with this ghost video paranormal
experience comes a story.

"Since you'll be my dog, your new name will be "Spot".
Welcome to slavery. " - From Dusk Til Dawn

This ghost footage was previously passed over by our staff because the footage is very dark and the "ghost" could be anything. But with the recent enhancement of this ghost video paranormal experience has much more credibility.When the camera pans through the room and into the closet, look deep inside the closet to the right. You'll see the specter inside— ghost video paranormal experience.

Here is the owner's testimony this ghosts footage:

"This is the enhanced version (brightened) of the ORIGINAL video of the 'ghost girl.' I had the original video on the VHS tape that the painters used to record this footage.

"The ghost is real I assure you.

"This office building (once apartments) was where my brother and uncle had an office. They and one other company were the only tenants in a huge and maze like building. There was a certain eeriness to the place that I cannot explain. The painters in the video were the most ghetto and 'foul mouth' people you can hear so I can't post any original, andbesides the original is hard to see because it was so dark.

"This took place at the Smith Building in Corpus Christi, Texas; on Shatzell Street close to Water Street. The local paranormal society came and searched the place, but never could find anything conclusive (doesn't that ALWAYS happen?!) I had the pleasure of walking the building in the dark while all the construction was going on. I believe there were many things weird about that building besides this occurrence. I foundmyself finding doors that were inexplicably locked from the inside, holes in the walls to other rooms, and cool gusts and sounds in a completely empty building.

"Now that I think about it, I was INSANE to even venture by myself in that place. It was the kind of place that made you think that if you turned around too slowly or quickly, you would see something that you didn't want to see. Imagine my brother working late by himself in that place as he often did! ~chills~ Just for your info, the place was renovated and turned intohigh priced apartments near downtown. Location, Location, Location!

"Please share this original video with others so that they may know the story in its whole as you have. Enjoy kids!"

Ready? Click on the arrow to begin.

Pretty freaky, huh? I guess that's why I use a tap light in my closet!

Okay, we know what you're thinking. "That's just a person in the closet!"

Well, if the story is true and the building was vacant, AND the video was taken by painters (who do have potty mouths), then why would a short female person be hanging out there walking towards the wall in what appears to be a nightgown?

We'll never know. In any case, it makes a great story!

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