Haunted House Video

This haunted house video was taken in a place called Woodlawn House in County Galaway, which is located in Western Ireland.

"It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters!" - Motel Hell

The house is very old and of historical signifcance and attempts are being made to restore it from its ruinedstate.

The makers of the Hollywood film, "Blair Witch Project" recently visited Ireland to do a documentary on haunted houses there. It is said that they found this house to be the most disturbing.

If there really are ghost sightings on this film, we didn't see them. But we found the house to look especially spooky and the bits of the story we did find to be compelling.

We also found no evidence of any documentary by the makers of "Blair Witch".

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of more details to this story or the rumored documentary, please fell free to tell us. We'll post it on this page.

Meanwhile, enjoy!!

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