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Ghost Video Footage

This ghost video footage lacks action and visual, as well. But that doesn't make it any less interesting.

"I'm so scared..." - The Blair Witch Project (1999)

It was captured at the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle, in Newcastle upon Tyne (aka: The Lit & Phil). At least one medium has claimed that The Lit & Phil houses 17 different spirits, eight of whose names can be found in social records.

Back to the ghost video footage: It appears that a video camera was set up to record after everyone was gone for the day. This one is rather dark and we are very aware that this could easily be a fake. What this video captures is a lot of rapping, knocking and "movement" around the periphery of the camera. We're especially not crazy about the segment right after the entity supposedly taps the camcorder. We hear what sounds like breath in the mic and ghosts don't have breath. On the other hand, it appears that the owner of this ghost video footage issincere and we are giving them the benefit of the doubt that, the"breath" you hear is actually something else.

Rappings and knockings are classic ghost manifestations, after all. So this could actually be ghost video footage. See what you think.

Some comments about this ghost video footage fromour visitors:

"It seems like the camera moves a bit because somewhere in the middle of the video, you can see somewhat of a line on the left side. Also, if you listen carefully, after the tapping sound on the camera, it sounds like a conversation. This is actually an interesting video, but most likely to be unreal."

Radmilla G
Los Angeles, CA

Folks, the owner of this video, Tony Liddell, has come forward with more explanation. Please visit their site www.otherworldnortheast.org.uk and see more of their fine work. Here is what Tony has to say:

"Hi guys,

"Thanks for posting up the Lit and Phil video clip. I'm the founder of Otherworld North East [owner of the video], the group who have investigated the building a couple of times in the past - I also set up the cam for the footage.

"The footage was actually taken during a literary event at the building. The camera was set up in the basement level bookstore where most of the 'activity' is said to take place, the door was locked and the camcorder left to run for 120 mins. I had the key to the room in my pocket, and the door lies just out of sight to the right of the cam's viewpoint, which means anyone entering would be seen. The event took place two stories above the basement, meaning that no noise, and certainly nonoise loud enough to be feedback would have reached the basementbookstore.

"The footage certainly doesn't show anythingvisually, but the audio, especially the tap, sigh and in placesfeedback due to close proximity of the sound to the camcorder isdefinitely interesting!

"Whether or not this is the recording of paranormal activity is of course another matter, but at this point in time (a couple of years after the footage was taken) a rational explanation has yet to present itself.

"Best regards,

"Tony Liddell B.Sc."
Otherworld North East

(I liked your commentary on your site: the skeptical and questioning approach is the stance we take on the team as a whole. When dealing with a video clip such as this one where so many variables are unknown to the viewer, your approach also makes them question, which is something most sites don't do sadly.

Keep up the good work!--Tony)

And Richelle, from St. Augustine, Florida (USA) has made this comment:

"It seems to me there is slight movement here & there throughout the video. Either that or it's just editing. I've found that if you look in the middle of the picture and focus, there seems to be something. Again, could just be editing (or I see what I WANT to see :-)). "I absolutely LOVE THIS SITE!!!!! I can't say thank you enough! I grew up in a haunted house in South Georgia and I think that explains the reason I am so addicted to seeing and hearing other experiences. I gotSO tired of those STUPID scare videos, I'd almost given up on finding the real thing. Thanks again!"

We appreciate your input, Richelle. Keep visiting as we have many more plans for this site in the future!

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