Ghost Pic and Video

This ghost pic and video was captured in a
Victorian cotton mill in Manchester, UK.

"Get away from her you B@&%#!!"
- Aliens

The Industrial Revolution (1700-1800s) was a time of much progress, bringing with it an economy dominated by industry and the manufacture of machinery. Improved roads and railways, as well as the introduction of steam power were just a few of the postive outcomes of the era.

The price of this progress, however, were the dreary lives of those who manned the machines. Unregulated labor practices, a sharply divided social class and extreme working conditions made this a time of strife among many of the residents in mill towns such as Manchester.

Children, some as young as six years of age, were hired to toil 14-hour days in the mills around hazardous equipment at a mere pittence compared to adult wages. Needless to say, children lost their lives as they crawled under running machines to capture stray cotton.

Although abuses and harsh working conditions existed long before this time, work hours and the pace of production were set by machines and places such as the cotton mills are held in the mind as places of toil and hard labor.

This videos of ghost and pictures is brought to us by Paraquest from Manchester. It is an investigation that begins when the steel plate covering a passageway to three underground chambers is uncovered.

The investigators go beneath to photograph the pitch black chambers and the result is what you are about to see.

What do you think it is?

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