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Real Ghost or Orbs

The following real ghost or orbs video was taken in the Polk-Henry house in Delaware City, Delaware

"No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."
- Hellraiser (1987)

by the fine folks at Unseenforces.org. The mansion was built in 1839 and was later made into apartments to house soldiers during World War II. In 1971, John and Anne Pichette moved into the house, continuing to rent the apartments to tenants. While the Pichette's never saw any ghosts themselves, they admitted having difficulty in keep the apartements rented and knew stories about the house.

One story was about a male tenant who awoke in bed to discover a beautiful female form lying next to him. When he turned over to inspect, he was confronted with something very much NOT what he thought. After that incident, he slept in his car and would only enter the apartment to take showers in the morning. He moved very shortly thereafter.

Another story is about a telephone repairman who went to the apartment to work on the lines. When he came downstairs to leave, he commented about the girl upstairs who was really flirting with him. There was noone else up there.

Another tenant moved out after seeing a blue light flying across the room.

A big, athletic man lived in the apartment for a short time. One day he was found cowering in the hall, terrified. He said that he was sleeping when his huge iron bed (that took two large men to move) was dragged to the middle of the room and his sheets were tucked in around him. He didn't stay long.

There are urban legends that surround this house and all the stories in the world won't come close to what you are about to see. Many people have interest in orb photography. These real ghost or orbs videos are better than any urban legend because you can see and hear things for yourself.

The house has been vacant for several years and these videos were taken at that time. One is a video shot, the other is an EVP. Enjoy!

When you're done looking at these videos, or if you have interest in orb photography, check out Unseen Forces at www.unseenforces.org. They have some pretty spooky paranormal evidence on their site.

Watch the orb fly towards the camera in the very beginning of the shot.

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