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Scary Ghost Faces

This is our first video of scary ghost faces.

"What an excellent day for an exorcism." - (The Exorcist)

I have to warn you, though. This is really frightening.

Anybody who is easily spooked, please do not watch this. I guess that's going to make you watch it now, right? Well seriously, it is weird.

If I could just interject some of my own spooky experiences here I would tell you that when I first started this site, a lot of weird stuff started happening for me. Whenever I would write a ghost story, I would feel like someone was watching over my shoulder, perhaps even many "someone's." I loved it, though. It inspired me. Ghosts are just people without bodies and I didn't perceive anybody who had bad intentions.

One day, a pie I had made for dinner flipped off the stove and onto the floor. It's just my husband and me and he was sitting next to me, so nobody was anywhere near the kitchen when it happened. Our little Corgi dog is so short, there is no way she could have caused it. So there was no explanation we could think of. It freaked me out, because I felt like someone was trying to tell me they were trying to communicate. Even my husband looked puzzled. But luckily, we remembered the"five-second-ghost-pie-rule" and scraped up the remains as cleanly as possible. It was a good pie.

Then several weeks later, I was visiting a relative and we had gone to a cemetery to get video and pictures. We got nothing except a big fat orb, but that wasn't caught in the graveyard, it was caught back at my relative's house. It was raining at the time, so it was probably just a raindrop. I took my laptop into the back bedroom to begin work on a story idea I had gotten in the graveyard. (Read this story called The Graveyard). I was madly plucking away at my keyboard when I heard a crashing noise in the adjoining guest bathroom. The noise took a few minutes to register as I was so deep in thought.

When it finally did register and I made my way into the bathroom to investigate, I discovered a picture that had been sitting on a shelf over the sink for years had flipped itself over and fallen into the sink. As the recognition of what had happened swept over me, a chill ran down my spine (just like in the stories I write).

It may have been a coincidence and probably was, but I got this feeling that someone was in the room with me and had been there all along watching me, and it could even tell what I was thinking. It knew I was a "ghostie-type" and it was trying to get my attention.

Whoa! (I'm getting back to the scary ghost faces video, be patient) I'm telling you I got pretty freaked. I had to sleep in that room all by myself, and could not sleep a wink. In this case, I didn't get that this was a friendly sort, either. Not evil, though, just cranky.

Okay, back to our video. This one is kind of like that experience at my relative's house. It is really spooky. In fact it might keep you awake all night.

So go ahead, take a look at this scary ghost facesvideo if you must. Thanks to Devin Raymond for this spook-fest. Have no idea if this ghosts footage is real, but it is effective.

Oh! and by the way, things are better now. I don't feel visited or followed anymore after I was helped by the folks at Moonslipper.com.Things are nice and snuggly at the homestead--unless I decide to let the visitors come back. But I think I'm doing just fine without them. Let's watch the scary ghost faces video.

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