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Ghost Video Footage Apparition

Most visitors to my site enjoy finding ghost video footage and

   "Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors."
- An American Werewolf in London   

I believe viewing this one will satisfy their paranormal cravings. The video below uses a K2 meter which is a type of EMF detector that supposedly responds to paranormal presences. When a ghost is near, the light on the meter will illuminate, indicating a ghost is nearby and possibly even attempting to use the meter as a sort of communication device.

In this case, a K2 meter has been placed a bed. Shortly after its indicator light illuminates, a string or snakelike object appears to rise up from the foot of the bed. What is this object?

Because it is bent (not limp or straight, as would be dictated by gravity), it appears "sticky" like fibrous yarn or a webbing material. It floats feather-like, and appears to reflect light or possibly even exuding light. At times, it appears that it could be a segment of yarn held from the ceiling by a hidden piece of string. But as soon as I thought I had it figured it out, it twirls around, defying gravity and blowing my theory out of the water.

In bygone days, ectoplasm was considered to be substances gathered by mediums. However, in modern times, ectoplasm is considered to be the energy or light generated when an entity tries to manifest itself.

Whether or not this is actual ghost video footage, I cannot say, but I am baffled and awed by it. I don't put a ton of weight into these television shows because so many of them that I have seen tend to exaggerate and overstate things in order to achieve sensationalism. I have certainly not seen the entire episode, so can't judge from that.

But this clip is interesting and thought you all might enjoy taking a look. After viewing, feel free to click through and comment on the YouTube page. Jacklabite (the page owner) invites discussion, but is trying to deter people from stating "Fake," without engaging in intelligent conversation. So please be courteous and articulate when commenting on his page.

By the way, as for the face in the background that is mentioned, I don't see it. Perhaps that's just my laptop screen or something.

Meanwhile, I'm off to find more intriguing ghost videos for everybody. Ciao!

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