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This is one of my own real ghost stories. This just happened and it was really scary.

Real Ghost Stories #56

"Well, we have all had those times where we just WANT to try and experience a ghostly visit or a 'haunting' if you will. But, my friends and I decided one night to take pictures in my room, like they do on Ghost Hunters, and see if there is/was anything in my room. We are all determined my house is haunted. So, we get out my friend's camera and begin taking pictures.

"One picture comes up on the display screen with a shadowy figure next to my tv. All three of us freak out and turn on my light in a hurry, leaving a gash mark on my ceiling. So, my friend, being logical, says, 'Well, let's take it again, maybe we just caught a glare or something.' So we go to try again, and her camera dies. Crap. None of us want to get up off the bed. It is about 1 in the morning and no one is up. All the lights are off and we are scared to death.

"So I get up, slowly, and run to turn on the hall light. The others follow. We make our way to the kitchen, turning on every light in the house. We get to the battery drawer and throw my friends dead batteries away. Notice we've already thrown the batteries AWAY. They are OUT of the camera.

"We start to get the new batteries in and her flash goes off. But it isn't a normal white flash, its a RED flash. 'What the heck?!' We all yell. My friend drops her camera and we just stand in the kitchen for a minute looking at each other. We didn't know what to do. So we decide to put the camera away for that night.

"We go back into my room and sit on my bed. Well, we finally calm down and there is suddenly this AWFUL scratching noise outside my window. 'Oh, it's just my dog.' I reply...twidling with my blanket. I get up to look out my window and my dog isn't there. We are all scared to death now. There are no trees next to my window and my dog was in the garage. So...that noise...was something very unexpected. Especially following the camera incident.

"Let's just say it was difficult trying to fall asleep."

Las Vegas, NV

Real Ghost Stories #57

"I have had constant companions since I was a child. I honestly can't think of a time when there hasn't been someone else with me. There are a couple of times during which I had actual encounters.

"The first was when I was seven. My grandfather had just died. It was about two in the morning and I was headed for the bathroom. I turned to find him standing in front of my parents' bedroom door, illuminated. He spoke to me telepathically and told me I would need to go through some very difficult times in my life but that it would make me a much stronger person. That I would eventually become the person everyone would come to for spiritual and other advice. He then told me to keep my eye on what was important and pointed to a painting on the wall of Jesus. At that point he disappeared.

"I tried to tell my parents but they thought I was imagining things. As it turned out, I have had a long series of serious illnesses and have come to a place in my life where it can't get any lower. However, in the midst of all this I got a message that I was to work with the dying. Now, for some reason, I not only have spirits around me constantly but I intuitively know when someone has recently passed. I have correctly foretold the death of several members of our church. I am only now working to figure out what all this means and how I am suppose to use this gift."

Beth F
San Fransisco, CA

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