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Real Ghost Stories
Page Fourteen

Even more real ghost stories from our visitors who live very spooky lives ...

Real Ghost Stories #61

"Some of you may not believe this but I swear to you on my life this is true...

'About one year ago I woke up at about 3:00 am. I felt thirsty so I decided to get a drink. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hall. As I am walking, my floor creaks a bit but after 8 years of living in this house I don't even notice it. As I walk out of the hall and onto the tile floor that leads into my kitchen, I thought I heard the same creaks of someone walking right behind me.

"I turned around and I saw nothing. A little bit freaked out I turned around slowly and walked into the kitchen and turned the light on. When I do that in my house I am directly facing the sink and right above the sink is a window. As I turned it on I happened to look in the window and I saw the reflection of a man with blood running down his face.Terrified, I turned around quickly and I saw nothing.

"It has been a year since that happened and I have not seen the man since, or heard any creaking of any kind. Again, I swear to you I am not making this up."

Matt Y
Vancouver, British Columbia

Real Ghost Stories #62

"Okay, you probably already have two of my stories about the haunted house and things crashing, but this one is EXTREMELY creepy to me.

"It was Wednesday about 2 years ago. My mom went to work and so I was home alone. My mom's best friend Beth decided to go to the YMCA pool, so I asked to tag along. I have been known to notice very strange things that no one would have seen if I hadn't pointed it out.

"We got to the YMCA parking lot, and it was known that a little girl had died there, unless that was a rumor. But I believe it because as we walked passed the YMCA's playground, something caught my eye. I turned to the playground and saw that only one individual swing was swinging high. as the others were perfectly still. And there was absolutely no wind. I told Beth about what I saw. So she turned and saw it too.

"She said, 'You know you are a unique girl, and only you would notice that.'"

Moyock, North Carolina

Real Ghost Stories #63

"Once, when we were having a sleepover, it was quite late and we kept hearing sounds. We thought it was just Alex's brother but the sounds seemed to be coming from outside in the back garden. So we had a look - we were dead scared - but nothing was there. We went into Alex's brothers' room and told him to shut up - but he was fast asleep.

"Then we heard a sort of bang that sounded like wood and then a strangled sound followed by a short loud snap. Then in the morning we went into the garden to have a look around and in the shed there was some rope on the floor with dark crimson stains on it.

"Later we searched the Internet and found that the site where we lived used to be a gallows where people were hung."

Alex and Bill
Humberston, Grimsby
United Kingdom

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

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