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Real Ghost Stories
Page Four

Here are more real ghost stories for you. Read them all!

Real Ghost Stories #26

"I grew up in a Colombia, South America.

"My parents were about to purchase a farm to turn into a new 'Hacienda' or Hotel. This was a very old piece of property. My understanding is that during the Colombian 'La violencia' period (a period of time in Colombian History that was very violent due to the political scenario of the time), the person that owned this home was trying to protect his land. This person loved the land and did not want the goverment to take it away from him. The goverment was corrupt and was trying to 'muscle' him out of his property.

"It is said that the goverment sent some outlaws to scare the owner. They came one night to pay their visit, but the owner was armed and waiting. A shooting killed the owner by a big tree right in front of the side entrance of the house.

"The property went into a long legal disupute. For years, lawyers and family members had a huge dispute over who owned and who should get the property. That it is when my family decided to pruchase it and to develop it.

"I remember walking around the property (as a child) and seeing an old man on a horse, just sitting there smiling. My parents always said that this was a neighbor farmer that used to go around looking for his cattle.

"Many years later, my parents gave me a motorcycle for my birthday. It was a smaller engine bike, but it was gas powered. I was able to drive this bike pretty much all over the property. One day, I was going fast on my bike (pretty usual), and I was approaching an old stable. I used to drive my bike trough the stable as there was no entrance or exit left, just the old roof and the supporting beams.

"I was going along and just before I was about to enter, I heard this very clear sound in my ear. It was calling my name in a very distinct sound!

"'Hector,' it said.

"For whatever reason I decided to apply the brakes and look back. As I looked back I saw an old farmer on a horse give me a smile and make a gesture with his head for me to look in front of me. As I was turning my head to look, the stable collapsed right in front of my eyes! There is no question in my mind that if the old farmer hadn't called my name, I would have been under the rubble (probably dead or badly hurt).

"I looked back to see if the old farmer would come, but he was nowhere to be found. This was a completly flat piece of property, I could have seen him coming or leaving for miles. "I always wondered who he was. The year after that happened, my father and I went to the local court house to see some documents of the property.

"There was an old picture of the owner that was killed in the shooting. When the clerk showed me the picture, it became clear that the person who had save my life was the old owner. There he was in the photo and he was smiling at me. My parents called him looking for his cattle.

"To this date, I have not seen him or heard anything about him...."

Spokane, Washington

Real Ghost Stories #27

"Ok, I was about 10 at the time and I was very mature for my age....I was sleepng with the head of my bed near the door of my room and was sleeping peacefully until something tapped me on the shoulder.

"Now I'm a light sleeper so I woke up straight away and turned to see that there was nothing there...I looked down the hallway but there was nothing there. I went back to sleep because I thought nothing of it. The next morning I woke up and as I was eating breakfast mum goes, 'Where did you get that bruise?' I asked her 'What bruise?' and as I looked at her, she pointed to my shoulder. I looked and the bruise was a small circle.

"It scared me to death.

"Thanks for listening."

Kristyn M.
Melbourn, Victoria

Real Ghost Stories #28

"I'm not sure when this was but I do know my daughter was only two years old at the time, so it was five years ago as she is now seven. We were in a three bedroom house (rented) and I did have weird feelings but put them out of my mind and tried to stay busy with my children.

"This house was an old post office and was brought to Raleigh as a three bedroom home. My daughter was having these disturbed sleeping patterns and we could never calm her down, no matter what we did. It would take her half an hour up to one hour for her to feel calm and want to go back to sleep...she would tell us to leave her alone and to go away. I couldn't figure out what was going on and we put it down to her having very bad nightmares.

"My husband loves to go fishing and this particular night whilst he was fishing, it was 1 am in the morning and I awoke holding my two children in my arms and really squeezing them tight and saying to someone or something to go away and leave my children alone.

"That was pretty scary but then I'm not sure how long after this it was, but my daughter and I were in bed watching ABC kids when all of a sudden my daughter said 'MOVE.' I said to her, 'I'm not in your way' and she said to me, 'Not you mummy, her.' I said to my daughter 'Who?' and she said, 'Her.' I got a bit scared and asked my daughter who was happily watching television, 'Did she move?' and my daughter said 'Yes' and I said 'Where did she go?' My daughter pointed towards the door and said 'She is standing near the door.' Then my daughter turned to the television.

"From that day I wanted to move out of the house and about three months later we did. Now we live in a nicer, more modern home and my daughter is quite happy and has no more of those nightmares or whatever they were. You know she has never mentioned it ever again so I hope she has forgotten all about it..."

Tracey D
Raleigh, New South Wales

Real Ghost Stories #29

"In my room, my dolls used to go places by themselves as well as my friends' dolls when they came over. Everyone says my house is haunted and some of my frinds are scared of it because when we first moved in I took my closet doors off and then I went downstairs for dinner, no one except me and my two sisters (5 and 6 years of age) were home. Neither of them had been upstairs, nor did they go up during dinner. When I went back up to my room my closet doors were back on. So I took them off again and duct-taped them together in the hall to put them in my basement the next morning. When I woke up they were back on and now for some reason I can't get them off, nor can anyone else. Also another time, two nights in a row I happend to wake up exactly at 3:oo am. and this is what happend on the second night. My door was closed, and my dogs/cat were not in my room. I have beads over my window, and you can't see them when you are lying in my bed. I could hear them moving and I wasn't that worried because I thought it was the wind coming though my windows. So I tried to go back to sleep. As I was lying in my bed I jumped up crying in fear because I remembered that I had closed my windows before I had gone to sleep! I turned on my lights and there was nothing in my room! I slept in my sister's room the rest of that night."

Morgan R
Jeffersonville, PA

Real Ghost Stories Page #30

"When I was a teenager (no I'm not gonna admit how long ago lol), my parents and I went to visit my dad's uncle in Senoa, Georgia. While I was there my great aunt and cousins spun what seemed to me fantastic stories of a ghost that was a protector of sorts in the home.

"One story I remember involved my cousin who came home from work and the house was empty. She was glad because she had left work and had some drinks with some friends before going home. Anyway, she gets undressed and goes into the bathroom and shuts the door and begins showering. The room had no window and no ventilation. (Why, I don't know but I saw this for myself...they never fixed it.)

"According to her, while she was in the shower, the heat, steam and alcohol combined made her pass-out. She said she remembered hitting her head on the bathtub and feeling the water around her head, and when she woke up, she was still in an empty house, no one home, yet she was now in the open doorway of the bathroom and the water was turned off. I pretty much rolled my eyes at this one, so my aunt just dropped any further stories that day. That night, she calls me to the dining room to help with dinner.

"She stops me just short of the table and takes a dog bone out of a box and calls General, her mixed breed dog. When he starts to wobble over she puts the bone slowly down on the floor. General hunkered down and belly-crawled about an inch or so, whining and stopping suddenly. She takes my hand puts it on the bone. The floor in an area of about 5 inches all the way around it was cold, and I mean like the difference between your kitchen cupboard and your refridgerator. I told her that was impressive, but for all I know it could have something to do with the a/c ducts. Maybe one broke? She shook her head and walked off.

"Later that night, I was sleeping on the couch right across from the bathroom. The light flashes on and wakes me up...I totter over, turn it off grumbling and go back to sleep. This happened two more times before I 'caught' my cousin going up the stairs in boxer shorts. The next morining my cousin comes in the kitchen with a backpack full of clothes, gave me and my parents a hug hello explaining he spent the night with a friend and he was sorry he wasn't there when we got to the house.

"I'm still not totally convinced that it was all real or if my family was diehard set on convincing me. If it was my family, it seems pretty elaboratly set up don't you think?"

Panama City, Florida

Real Ghost Stories Page #31

"I once went to my friend's house. They told me it was huanted, but I didn't believe them until we heard footsteps. We were alone. I was frightened and called my mom to pick me up. It is now a mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alexis F
Miami, Florida

Real Ghost Stories Page #32

"Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio is said to be haunted with Servile ghost including the Gates of Hell."

Desirae F
Fredericktown, Ohio

Real Ghost Stories Page #33

"I had an experience. I got cold chills and hair standing up on my arms."

Becky P
Portland, Oregon

Real Ghost Stories #34

"It was two days after my dog died and I fell asleep. I woke up at around five in the morning to a dog walking in my room. I thought it was my white bull dog but when I sat up, there was nothing there but I could still hear walking. A couple minutes later it stopped.

"I would have seen my bull dog because he is white. I would not hear my cat. So what else was it?"

Sam Y
Niagra Falls, New York

Real Ghost Stories #35

"I have a lot of experience with ghost sitings and all sorts of other things, but with the Evp 1, it sounds to me like it is saying, 'What are you eating?' or 'What are you reading?'

"Weird, but that is what it sounds like to me."

Dawn P
Wadesboro, NC

Real Ghost Stories #36

"This is a true story which happened fifteen years ago.

"One day I came home and found paramedics on the living room floor trying to revive my grandmother. Twenty minutes before, my mother had entered her room and had found her with her mouth wide open and a 'strange' look on her face. After trying to rouse her and getting no response, she called the ambulance.

"Paramedics tried for about an hour to revive her, to no avail. We were informed that she may have been dead for much more than the fifteen-minute limit during which CPR is considered effective. And so she was declared dead and shortly thereafter officials from the coronerís office arrived and took the body away.

"Several hours later, returning home from our relativesí after informing them of grandmotherís death, we opened the door to our apartment and, much to our disbelief, noticed, on the floor in the middle of the living room, a white pigeon. At first I was afraid, but then my mother told me not to worry, that that was 'abuela' (Spanish for 'grandma'), and that she was trying to send us a message. It calmed my nerves a bit, though I still decided to take a trip to the grocery store while they dealt with this surprising guest.

"My grandmother had professed interest in the supernatural throughout her life. Often as a child I'd go to her after dreaming the night before and ask her for the meanings behind the dreams, and she'd proceed to tell me. For example, I once dreamed that I was running from an angel. Sheíd later tell me not to worry, that it meant that I was being taken care of by a higher force. But her uncanny abilities werenít limited to dream interpretation: Once she told me that the Mets would win the World Series after trailing and coming back, and gave me a final score, which was very close to the actual one.

"We no longer live in that apartment. It goes without saying, however, that I still get chills whenever I think of that day. Was it my grandmother, trying to send a message from beyond? Iím convinced that it was. Wherever she is, Iím sure that sheís happy, and Iíll never forget our encounter with the bird fifteen summers ago."

Andy E
New York, New York

Real Ghost Stories #37

"In 1996 my dad had purchased a new car. It was Easter weekend and he thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take a test drive and visit his family in a small town about 4 hours away. Being along the same route as a popular coastal holiday spot, the Easter traffic leaving the city was bumper to bumper. An hour out of Johannesburg my dad fell asleep. I continued to drive until I came to the off ramp...after taking the off ramp, traffic was at a stand still.

"I saw a lady dressed in full white about 60 meters ahead standing on the shoulder of the road. My thoughts were that she decided to step out of the car and get a breath of fresh air because the traffic was moving too slow. Curious as to what she looked like, I waited anxiously to get closer. When she was about two car lengths away she just disappeared...

"The next thing I recalled was arriving at our destination a half hour later...since it was a four-hour journey and it only took an hour and a half, I could not explain to my father how we got there so fast...then I remembered the woman standing on the shoulder of the road.

"I wonder still today if she had anything to do with the strange occurrence?"

Amit L
Johannesburg, Gaunteng
South Africa

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

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