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Real Ghost Stories
Page Fifteen

Even more real ghost stories from our visitors who live very spooky lives ...

Real Ghost Stories #64

"Years ago, when I was around 7 or 8 years of age (I'm 14 currently), my twin sister and I had a ghostly sighting.

"It was late one night around 9 or 10 PM, on a cool summer night. We were awake watching late-night television. Our dogs started barking, so I looked out the back window to see what they were complaining about. No sooner than I looked out, I saw a glowing figure standing at the tree line that divides our neighbor's and our yards. The figure was very stout, and very short. It looked like one of those light-up plastic Santa Clause decorations; the hollow ones. I wanted to know what the figure was (I thought that my neighbor had put a decoration there to annoy my parents), so my sister and I walked through our large back yard and up to the tree line. There was nothing there. It may have fled if it spotted us opening the back door.

"But, it didn't stay away for long. After watching another 30-minute television program, I looked back out the window in curiosity. The figure was back-but this time, it was in our back yard. I called my sister to attention and she confirmed that she saw it as well. The ghostly spectre started moving toward the window. I was shocked, and my sister and I huddled in a corner, wrapped up in each other, terrified. Remember that we're twins, both just 7 or 8 years old. Our mother wasn't home; she worked night-shift in a nursing home. Our father was asleep. Our older brothers were upstairs doing what ever they do in their bedrooms.

"The spectre came all the way to the window and disappeared after a few moments. I thought that it could have been the spirit of a servant woman that died in a fire on the property many years ago; more than 50. Our house is pretty old, and a previous owner was very wealthy; the owner who had servants.

"The spirit has not been sighted again since my eight years here. I have had ghostly things happen, like objects spontaneously moving, but nothing evil. I hope it stays that way; I enjoy having another person around when I'm not scared out of my skin."

Emily J.
Hillsville, Virginia

Real Ghost Stories #65

"I don't know whether I do believe or I don't, but in our last home, myself, my wife and my young son all experienced strange things.

"The house is a normal three bedroom terraced council house, which is on one of the biggest council estates in the UK, and built probably in the 1950's. The first instance of something strange happening was about six months after us moving in. At around 4am one morning, when we were all asleep and I heard someone running up the stairs. Needless to say, I jumped out of bed and went to the stairs, but nothing was there. My son was fast asleep in his bed and my wife was asleep in our bed. I put it down to the fact that our stairs ran alongside with the next door neighbors' stairs and the day after I asked him who was running on the stairs at such a ridiculous time. He said he heard it as well and thought it was us.

"This carried on every so often. Our cat used to hiss and try to attack something that wasn't there on the landing as well. Things started to happen more and more, like our house alarm would go off at random times when we hadn't activated it and things would go missing and appear in odd locations. My wife was getting more and more afraid by the activity, and one day stood in the kitchen and talking about what was happening, I shouted (to nobody in particular) 'if you are going to do something, do it now,' to which an ashtray flew off the side and smashed with nobody anywhere near it. My wife has said on one occasion, when we were going to bed, I was in the bathroom and she had already turned off the light, and got into bed, but left the door slightly ajar. She was facing the opposite way from the door, and heard what she thought was me walk into the room, shut the door to and walk over to the bed. She turned over to look at me, but nobody was there. I came into the room about 20 seconds later. I have also seen something in that house.

"One day we were getting ready to go out clubbing and my wife said to me she was going to get into the shower. (Our son was staying with my parents as we were going out that night). I was in the spare room sorting out a DJ mix I was to play at the club we were going to, and saw out of the corner of my eye what I thought was my wife come out of the bathroom in a white dressing gown and go into our bedroom. After a minute or so, I thought it strange that I didn't hear any movement from her in our room, (like hearing her dry her hair), I walked into our room and she wasn't there. I shouted to my wife and asked what she was doing, and she replied she was just about to get into the shower.

"I said 'I've just seen you get out of the shower,' and my wife was adamant she hadn't been in the bathroom. Who did I see walk out of there? We moved out of that house over 12 months ago funnily enough!"

Steven H.
Manchester, England
United Kingdom

Real Ghost Stories #66

"I believe my experience happened when I was around seven. My little sisters were sitting in the room staring into their closet. I walked in and asked what they were doing and they said they were listening to the weird looking monster. At first I just thought they were playing. Then later that day I heard my sister screaming 'get off my bike, its my turn now. You have to share!' I thought she was yelling at one of my other sisters to get off the bike so I slowly opened the door and saw the bike moving and steering by itself!!! I was scared but then thought it was just the wind.

"That night I was laying in my bed and my hand fell off to the side. I had almost drifted off to sleep when I felt someone grab my hand and scratch it. I grabbed my hand back and looked under my bed to see if one of my sisters were there, but they weren't. I glanced across the room and saw them sleeping peacefully. I felt a pain in my hand and looked down to see my hand covered in blood. As my mom cleaned it later, I could see the top of my hand had been badly scratched and the scratches were deep. As I was looking at the scratches, I heard my mom gasp. I saw she was looking at the side of my hand so I flipped it over. There were two very deep puncture wounds like I had gotten bit by an animal with very sharp fangs. The only problem was it couldn't have been an animal because the two holes were so thin, no animal fang could have made it, and my cat was locked in her pen and our dog was outside.

"I remember the next night I lay in bed and heard someone called, 'KIMBERLIE." It sounded like a soft whisper but I thought I was hearing something. Then I heard it again, even clearer now. I got scared and pulled my blankets up over my head. After a while I peeked out of the blankets and screamed. I saw what looked like a short like man with saggy, red, bumpy skin, and bright yellow eyes. He ran to the other end of the room and disappeared. I knew it couldn't have been someone in costume trying to scare me because the 'man thing' had looked less than two feet tall. My mom came rushing in the room and I began screaming and crying. I had been so scared I had urinated on myself.

"From that day on, I refused to go into that house without an adult with me constantly. I moved in next door with my nana and still to this day feel like crying and get the chills whenever I think of my 'experience.' I'm not sure what I saw but what I do know was that it was no wild imagination, and till this day I have two small puncture wound scars on the side of my hand."

Kimberlie H.
Sacramento, CA

Real Ghost Stories #67

"There was this girl and she went out shopping with her grandma when she spotted a really nice china doll. So she asked her grandma who said yes, and she took it home and went to bed. That night she heard someone going up the stairs going, 'I AM ON THE FIRST STEP,' and so on. At this point the little girl was getting really scared so she hid under the quilt. Then she heard the thing go, 'I AM IN YOUR ROOM.'

"The little girl froze and heard her mother's phone ring. Her mum picked the phone up and the person on the other end says, 'GO AND CHECK ON YOUR CHILD,' so the mum ran down the hall to find her daughter had been murdered."

Zoe P.
Llantwit Major, Wales
United Kingdom

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

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