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Real Ghost Stories
Page Eight

Even more real ghost stories from our visitors who live very spooky lives ...

Real Ghost Stories #46

"This story happened in Ottawa Canada.

"I was working a building and it was full of conference rooms for the government. The building itself use to be an old railroad station, and one day I was waxing the floors and was backing out towards the glass doors as I went. As I came to the doors I peeked over my shoulder to make sure no one was coming to walk on my floors. As I looked, I caught a glimpse of someone walking by and I turned to yell down the hallway not to walk on the floor because it was wet. But no one was there.

"I finished quickly and went to get the security guard to tell him there was someone in the building. It was about 11 a.m. at night. So I got the security guard and we did a lock down on the building and no one comes in or out. We search the whole place and found nothing. As we were walking back, there was a ramp in the huge conference room through which we were taking a shortcut. By then I was laughing because of course, I thought I was going nuts.

"Next thing you know both he and I see a person wearing a brown brim hat and brown suit carrying a briefcase. The security guard was as shocked as I was. So I ran up to it and told the person, 'Do you know why you're here and do you know that you're dead?'

"As I got closer it moved back further and further until next thing you know it disappeared. We got the chills from that one. After that I went home.

"The following day I talked to the security guard and he said to me that this was not the first time this has happened. He had told his supervisor the story and his supervisor told him, 'So you guys see it, too?'"

Matt S
Louisville, Kentucky

Real Ghost Stories #47

"Before I begin, I am 23 years old. My Aunt Kimberly (my middle name) committed suicide four years before I was born. At about the same time my Aunt's husband, Uncle Cocoa died of a vein bursting in his head. Both very, very tragic deaths, both very young, my aunt 15, my uncle 26 (?). It hurts me that I never had the opportunity to meet them. However, I have.

"I first learned to speak at the age of two. I was very developed, but was safeguarded about knowing anything about these people. I never knew they even existed. That was my Mother's doing, it was easier that way.

"I first met my Uncle Cocoa when we moved into my Aunt's apartment. My Aunt begged my mom and dad to keep his cross since she did not want to throw it out, but she had been hearing and seeing weird things there since she put it up. My parents agreed. I was three (apparently). So we moved in, my mother set up my room and crib and got to unpacking and left me alone. I had a window over looking our backyard, pool, yard, and after going back, I know it was beautiful. These are my mothers' recollections, but I have had experiences afterwards that prove them to be truthful. I never knew him or his name, but while she was unpacking she heard me talking. In a full conversation. I can vaguely remember it, only because it was the first and only time I had ever felt warmth in the room from the presence of a person. I have seen his picture now, and I know it is him. In one of my dreams we were eating Chinese food together, and he ordered all of my favorites. When my mother came in to see who I was talking to, she saw me looking out the window and asked who I was speaking with. I replied (I swear, ask my mother!), "Uncle Cocoa." She said she almost freaked and had a seizure, checked the window and asked me what he looked like. I described him, and told her that he is a wonderful man and that he is sorry that he had to leave everything so soon.

"The same man has come back to several of my dreams (maybe once a year, I still don't know what the date of his death was since they won't tell me) and I have vividly seen him about thrice in my life. He is a loving ghost, I believe that he is my angel. But every now and again, something will pass by me.

"I will feel goosebumps, and it is not him.

"As I said, my Aunt Kimberly died at a tender age of 15. She had a heart of gold, but her heart was shattered and broken into a million pieces. Although I know she protects me as well, I think she might feel some kind of resentment towards me. I have dreamt of meeting her and what it would be like if she were here. Since I moved out from my mother's place I have noticed that things seem better. Life is not so hard, but before, we would wake up and find an entire glass chest set broken on the floor while everything else in the cabinet remained untouched. I found the cross of Christ upside down, rearranged it and found it the same way five minutes later. There was no wind, nothing. Lights would go off while we were studying, nothing ever seemed to go right in that house. I was born in the same place she died. She died because she loved my father. I still wear the engagement ring that she picked out for my dad to give to my mom, before, well... I hope they have both found peace. I am still looking.

"The only last freaky thing to add is that whenever I go to see my mother's family, they gasp over the familiarity in features that my Aunt Kimberly and I share. My Aunt Donna turned white one day when I walked into the room. She could only mutter "Kim??? KIM????"

"She deserved a much better life."

Melanie M.
Montreal, Quebec

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

real ghost stories real ghost stories real ghost stories real ghost stories

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