The Ghost Woman in the Graveyard

by Stephanie R

One Halloween when I was 12 my friends and I thought it would be cool to visit this old cemetery that was suppose to be haunted so we went there without are parents. As we were walking in we heard a few noises but we thought it was just our imagination since we were expecting something, so we walked and walked and walked until we came upon this gravestone that said Mary Katherine. When we walked past it we couldn't help but feel like something or someone was watching us. We also felt really cold. You could see our breath. At that point a few of us got scared but of course everyone wanted to stay so we started walking again.

Without thinking about the gravestone, we again saw a gravestone that said Mary Katherine and like before, we felt someone or something was watching us and you could see our breathe. We got really scared at this point but we didn't want to act like cowards in front of our friends so we began to look around. We all saw this woman in a white dress looking right at us. We don't know what was going on we tried to think of a explanation for what happen but why would a old lady with a nightgown be doing in a graveyard on Halloween night at midnight? O

ne of our friends was shaking and she said "No No No not her not her!" and she ran as fast as she could back to my house as the rest of us followed her. We asked her what was wrong all she said was that the lady in the graveyard was the ghost of Mary Katherine and she got murdered when she was 15 by a guy and he still looks for her every night. When you see her, the guy will be right there. We didn't believe her until the next Halloween....

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