One Step Beyond Paranormal investigators

by Scott
(North Tonawanda, NY)

We pride ourselves on being the most open minded group in Western New York. This is not an event based group or promoters of events that might profit from others, but an organization that still believes that the study of parapsychology can be valid.

We are in this field to help others who may be experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or business. We will come to your home or business free of charge to investigate.

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WV Paranormal 57

by Michael Anderson
(Salem, WV, USA)

WV Paranormal exists to investigate hauntings and legends of hauntings in WV and surrounding areas. We specialize in helping private residences and businesses find answers to questions about what may be in their homes and buildings, that frightens or gives them the sense of uneasiness and eerie feelings.

We do not charge for our services or investigations. And we have a large inventory of updated paranormal investigative equipment, so we can give you the best information and help that we can.

So please spread the word about WV PARANORMAL 57 (Salem, WV) so we can help those who want answers.

Thank you,

"Michael WVP57"

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Looking For Ghost Hunters In My Area!

by Larysa
(Brampton, ON, Canada)

Looking for ghost hunters in Brampton, Ontario Canada!

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The Living Impaired Research Society

by Greg Stanton
(Rogersville Tennessee)

I am president of the Living Impaired Research Society and we are based out of Rogersville, Tennessee. We investigate anything from private homes to factories in search of the living impaired who have trouble moving on to what's on the other side.

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Planet Paranormal Investigations

by Brian Clune
(Torrance, CA, USA)

We are based in Southern California but will travel wherever we are needed. Our members have a combined total of over 35 years experience in dealing with the paranormal and our founder is a highly respected figure in the community.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and sensitivity we bring to each of our cases. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out when dealing with a paranormal incident and take all precautions necessary to insure your privacy. If you need help, please get ahold of us at

Visit us at our sister site Planet Paranormal Internet Radio.

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Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Hunter, and Spiritualist

by Rick Strother
(Orlando, Florida USA)

I was born a very spiritual person having the ability to call/summon and communicate with any earth-bound spirit, demonic entities, and heavenly entities and do exorcisms as needed to anyone being possessed by demonic entities.

I do it by word of mouth and don't do any advertising at all. All my services are totally free but you must have a serious need for my help. I've done a lot of field investigations and helped many people. I'm always available to assist others anywhere and I can do work from where I am to any part of the world.

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Paranormal Exploration Group PEG

by Chantelle
(West Bend, Wi, USA)

We offer scientifically based investigations. We are a group of researchers out of the University of WI, West Bend, Washington County. We do not use seances, black magic, or anything religion based, JUST PURE SCIENCE AND REAL EVIDENCE!

Contact us @ 262-353-3782 or Email @

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Historic Triangle Office of Paranormal Studies

by Charles Stayton
(Williamsburg Virginia)

Paranormal Investigators in the Historic Triangle area of Williamsburg, James City and York Counties of Virginia.

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Ghosts & History Of Southeastern Tennessee, Inc. "G.H.O.S.T."

by Rick Howard
(Cleveland, TN)

Paranormal Investigative and Research team based in Chattanooga, TN area. Our trained and experienced staff has conducted more the 70 paranormal investigations in the region as well as numerous research projects. We are a scientifically based investigative group relying on electronic equipment and date, not opinion, psychics, mediums, tarot cards, Ouija boards or seances.

When we investigate a location (home, office, building, property, etc.) if we collect evidence or paranormal activity or spirit (ghost) we provide copies of our evidence to the client.
Our paranormal investigations are always conducted as a FREE service to those who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity.

We are a real paranormal investigative team. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, maintain business License and liability insurance providing professional services.

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Seeking The Dead Paranormal

by Curt Mcg
(Easthampton,Ma ,USA)

Various Poltergeist and intelligent hauntings.We are based out of Easthampton,Mass and cover most of Mass and some of Conn. Sixteen years experience.

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Research Investigators of Paranormal

We are a group of paranormal researchers in Southern Illinois trying to gap the bridge between the living and the dead. We are listed in several newspapers and have been on many TV and radio shows.

We are very equipped, one of Southern Illinois' most well-equipped groups.

Look us up on Facebook and Myspace......

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Ghost Hunters: Team Spiritz

by Andy
(United Kingdom)

Team Spiritz

Team Spiritz

We are a paranormal investigation team in the United Kingdom and have just launched our team. We have investigated some great locations over the last year, and now will continue with our all-new team. We are a team who is very down to earth and enjoy what we do. We don't profit in anyway in doing investigations, we see this as just as our hobby. We will investigate in most locations in the UK.

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Mountaineer Paranormal

by Polly Gear
(Clarksburg, WV, USA)

Chad Calek, Polly ( Mountaineer Paranormal), and Ryan Buell

Chad Calek, Polly ( Mountaineer Paranormal), and Ryan Buell

Mountaineer Paranormal is based in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and was founded in 1999.

We are also paranormal investigator guides at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV.

Our "shadow man" of Moundsville prison photograph has appeared on many current paranormal TV shows.

We have a huge interest in EVP recording, which we collect extensively at the WV Pen during investigations.

We enjoy helping train new investigators and encourage them to form new groups to expand the search for evidence.

Search the web for our name and enjoy our website.

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Ghost Girls of Austin, Texas

by Stephenie
(Austin, Texas, USA)

The Ghost Girls are paranormal investigators based in Austin, Texas. We conduct paranormal investigations in private residences and businesses across the nation. Our research, professionalism and unique personalities add to our investigations.

Check us out at
Click on our blog for past investigations and evidence.

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Ghost Hunter: Iain Lawrence

by Lain Lawrence
(Sheffield, England)

Roche Abbey Ghost, Maltby, South Yorkshire, England

Roche Abbey Ghost, Maltby, South Yorkshire, England

I search for paranormal activity alone.

I visit churches, old buildings, and monasteries as well as houses which have an history of visitations from the other side. I use an infrared DVD camera, digital dictaphone, digital camera and never use a torch....

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We are a paranormal investigation team located in West Bend, Wisconsin. We research, investigate and document paranormal activity in private residences as well as commercial or public buildings.

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Kentuckiana Investigators of Paranormal Sightings {KIPS}

by Mat Thomas
(Brandenburg, Kentucky, USA)

We are a small group of 4 who go to investigate paranormal sightings. We are a non-profit group and are willing to help people out and try to explain what's happening. We use many different types of equipment, from rods, 35 mm cams, digital voice recorders, digital cameras, camcorders, LED flash lights, and digital temps.

If you need our assists, contact us at

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Tons of Evidence

by Linda
(Elba, New York, USA)

Hi. My name is Linda, I am the founder and owner of "Spirits and Things Paranormal Group." We are based out of Genesee County in upstate New York.
I just had to write and tell you, over the years of investigating we have encountered anywhere from awesome EVP'S, solid orbs in the air and coming out of the ground to spirits standing next and in front of us, being touched, pushed and knocked down. Sometimes I think we have more evidence than TAPS on Ghost Hunters and they were just the lucky ones to land a TV show. We have tons of evidence that "ghosts" really do exist!!!!

We would love to share some of our stories and pics if interested!!

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Arch-Angel Paranormal Research And Investigation

by Brian
(Johnstown, NY, USA)

We have not started yet and are retrieving our equipment at this time.

We do plan to investigate the Knox Mansion (in Johnstown, NY and the home of a friend of ours who she is being scratched at night. This will not happen until springtime when we are ready to investigate.

If anyone has any tips or wants to say a few helpful things they are more than welcome to. Since we are just getting started the more input we get the better.

Thank you

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by Amy
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Adam & Jason, lead investigators.

Adam & Jason, lead investigators.

The Phantom Tribe is a Paranormal Investigation team dedicated to helping others understand the Paranormal. We use scientific methods to confirm or deny claims of paranormal activity. We put the concerns of our clients first. We have seasoned investigators, however, if there is a situation which occurs that we are unable to explain, we have access to resources that can further help our clients. Our services are 100% free of charge.

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Paranormal Seekers Society

by Danielle DiLisio
(Warren, Ohio)

We are the Paranormal Seekers Society based in Warren, Ohio. We have investigated several historic locations including the Mansfield Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, Ohio.

We strive for a scientific approach in our investigations. We would like to research private homes experiencing activity and invite anyone in Northeast Ohio or Western PA to contact us if they need an investigation. There is never a charge for our service. Please email the details to us at and put "Ghost" in the subject line.

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South Carolina Paranormal Research Group (S.C.P.R.G.)

by Brandon Tubb
(Spartanburg, SC 29301 U.S.)

Hey, We are a small, but very professional paranormal research group.

We have several members, including a Demonologist, 3 photographers, and most of our team are mediums. Mediums are people who can "sense" and sometime interact with spirits.

We investigate anything from cemeteries to businesses and residential properties. We are up for anything! We have a minister in the group who is very close to the church and can help move things along so you can get your life back. We have experience with entities from the simple human spirit all the way to full blown demonic encounters. If you have a case let us know!!!! We WILL help you FREE of charge!!!

Contact Brandon Tubb, Founder, at: 843-619-1350

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Ghost Hunt Indy

by Amy
(Indianapolis, IN)

James, Amy, and Macy

James, Amy, and Macy

We have been doing paranormal investigations for quite sometime. We are always looking for new places to visit. We started with local folklore and we have expanded to private residences and businesses. It is our goal to help others understand paranormal activity that they may encounter. Right now we are a group of 5, 3 full-time and 2 part-time investigators. Check out our website sometime at

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Elly Boy Garcia

by Ellington Garcia
(Quezon City, Philippines)

I'm a civil engineer in the Philippines and I'm searching for more paranormal activities.

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O.R.B.S. Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits


O.R.B.S. Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits

O.R.B.S. Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits

O.R.B.S. we are a paranormal research group based out of Northern Ohio. We conduct our research on historical sites, private homes and business and any other place that may have paranormal activity. For more information please visit our web site at

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Amateur Ghostie Investigator-Still New Yet

by Garylee
(Oshkosh, WI, USA)

Graveyard Scene

Graveyard Scene

This is my first site, and I have a yahoo group. I am new to this, but am determined to grow. Located in Oshkosh, WI.

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by Noelle
(Sacramento, CA)

We are in the bay area of California, and Greater Sacramento area. Got ghosts? Not Sure? Please email us and we will find out your answer. Free of charge, professional, compassionate and honest. Please email us for help at:

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Three Missing Women

by Ken Young

Dear Editor:

This is in reference to the 1992 Three Missing Women Case in Springfield, Missouri. We believe that we have found them using ground penetrating radar along with help from a ghost.

Please my website for details.


Ken Young

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Abbotts Mill Paranormal Investigation

by Louis DiMieri
(New Castle, DE, USA)

On Tour at Rockwood 2008

On Tour at Rockwood 2008

Old Mill in Millsboro, Delaware. Highlights include video of an extremely bright orb and unexplained audio noises on the tape....ghost paranormal mill was in operation from 1780s-1940 many ghostly sounds and photos reported over the years. And one or two sightings of a man in the mill walking around.

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