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Comments for
Kentuckiana Investigators of Paranormal Sightings {KIPS}

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Jan 09, 2009
i would like to join the kips team
by: mandy

ive always been into ghost and the unknown i watch ghost hunters everynight and raps and even snuck to the hospital off of dixie hwy i would like to help at least one time i know the equipment to b used and this is my calling plz contact me at 502 425 0186

Nov 01, 2008
new web page
by: KIPS

Hello everybody we have a new web page you can check it out at www.freewebs.com/kipshere4u/ thanks hope to see you there

Aug 15, 2008
Eastern Cemetery
by: mat thomas

hey people just wanted to tell you about our recent investigation at Eastern cemetery in louisville kentucky. We went with another well known group called Afterdark, we got many evps, and a couple of good pics with many orbs in them. If anybody knows the story about this place then you know why we went there, many people have been buried on top of each other, if anybody would like to learn more about this place email us. thanks

Aug 11, 2008
by: mat thomas

hello everbody i just wanted to say if anybody hasany questions about our group or may like to join please email at kipshere4u@yahoo.com
We conduct our investigations for free and will never ask for nothing.

May 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

i just wanted to say thanks for KIPS, for doing a fine shop on the recent investigation.

Apr 29, 2008
by: Kayla

I think the walmart in corydon IN is haunted. so if the founder of KIPS could contact me that would great.

Mar 13, 2008
by: Lucinda

Hi, I live in Brandenburg and I have always been interested in the paranormal.I have had several encounters myself.I am somewhat sensitive to spirits.I have done some investigations. I wanted to know if you are accepting any new members? I do have some equipment video cameras, emf, wands, voice recorder, digital camera, flashlites etc.

I can give you referances who will verify that I am not mental or a psycho lol

My number is [removed for safety] Please fill free to call me anytime.

Thanks for your time.

Lucinda Palmer

Mar 13, 2008
I could use your help
by: Catherine Woods

Hi i am catherine woods. we have had a ghost fallowing us for 11 years and we moved into a house that has more and they are attacking us. one hurt my 5 year old brother about 3 days ago and i don't know what to do. we have tried everything. our nearest friend will not even touch the house. she has come and talked to them. they did not answer much but we do have a video of her and her saying something. If you wish to contact me you can e-mail me at

thank you

Catherine Woods

Jan 09, 2008
very professional
by: Anonymous

I recently asked the members of KIPS to investigate my house. I heard everything from voices to crashes and bangs. I saw what I believe to be a ghost.

Anyways KIPS came and investigated. They were very professional and very thorough. I was very pleased with their investigating and would recommend them to anyone. They are a small group, just starting out and I found them very polite, courteous and eager to help.

They were very helpful in answering questions and dismissing a lot of things I did not understand. They did not pretend to know it all but offered to help me and my family to understand.

Overall, I am very pleased and if I was to ever need KIPS again, I feel comfortable and confident they would be here for me as they have made themselves available if ever needed again.

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