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WindhouseHigh atop a windswept hill in a remote and desolate area of Scotland lies a ruin named Windhouse. The property is a thousand-acre expanse in a Shetland Island nature preserve, teeming with rare indigenous birds and wildlife. The remaining shell of the house became derelict after being abandoned for decades.

Built on an ancient graveyard in 1707, the home has been owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds since the previous owner (not of record) fled the property in the 1920s. According to local lore, an apparition appeared to them warning that they would not live through the night. The residents immediately vacated the premises and no one has lived there since, causing the house to fall into severe disrepair.

Purchased by a building contractor in 2003, the new owners intend to renovate the property, restoring it to its original state so history can carry on. The buyers said they were unaware of the ghost stories surrounding it, yet have stated that they welcome any ghostly presence to make their remote lodgings more interesting.

Updates on the property and news of further hauntings will be posted on this site as they are reported.

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Ruined House

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Haunted Hotel

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Haunted Villa

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