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The Possessed Tiger Toy!

by Charlene
(Pepperell, MA, USA)

I forgot all about this happening. It was very scary at the time and still gives me the chills. This happened when I was living back at my mother’s and had made an apartment out of the porch that was attached to her house. I had my little kitchen, living room and bedroom but had to go into her house to use the bathroom. Despite this drawback, it was our little home.

My son was about two years old and a friend named Kathy had given him a tiger toy. It was really cute and said some funny things and had a cute laugh. Well one day I was alone and cleaning my house and I walked by the tiger toy and it started going off by itself. It started off normal but then the words were changing saying rude and mean things and then the most evil laugh I have ever heard in my life! I went screaming into my mother’s house begging her to throw it away!!! It scared me so badly! It was so evil!!

I do believe that bad things can possess dolls and toys because that was creepy. I know because I experienced it!!! A couple of months later I found out that Kathy was not that nice of a person and we are not friends anymore so who knows maybe that’s why that toy was possessed!!!

Thank you,

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The Haunted Doll with the Creepy Song

by Michell
(Modesto, California, United States)

I`m about to tell you one of the many experiences I had in 2006. It was a Friday night and I was in my bathroom getting ready to go out for the evening. I was putting on my makeup when I heard this creepy little girl's voice singing what sounded like a nursery rhyme. I was alone in the bathroom. I didn't see anyone in the mirror but just in case I spun around to check. Nope nobody there. Still this singing continued.

I started looking around and on the floor I found a toy microphone that I had bought my little girl for Christmas earlier the year before. It was singing. Problem was I was holding it upside down and the battery cover was off, and there were no batteries in the thing. I ran out of my bathroom and yelled for my roommate and kids to come quick. Robert, my roommate was the first to get there. I handed him the toy and asked him to tell me what was wrong with it. He replied, "It was singing."

I said, "Yes but how when there are no batteries in it?"

He looked at the back for the first time and honest to God he turned white as a sheet. My oldest daughter Rachel took it out of his hand and screamed, "There will be no demons in this house!" and threw it into our swimming pool.

A few days later we took it out of the pool and put it in the garbage, but honest, I swear it was still singing.

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The Witch's Chair

by Mike P
(Pana, Illinois)

As a young boy, in Pontiac, Illinois, there was a local folk tale of a memorial chair in the Southside Cemetery.

If you were to sit in this chair in the middle of the night, while rubbing the arms of the chair and reciting the words inscribed on the back of the chair, you would hear the woman buried there scream.

Myself and two friends entered the cemetery on Halloween night, 1975. I sat in the chair, rubbed the arms and uttered the inscribed words. Before I finished the verse, the back of the chair (which was made of concrete) broke off backwards and fell to the ground.

We ran out of the cemetery as fast as our feet would carry us. We stopped three to four blocks away and recounted what had just happened. We decided to come back the next day to see the proof of what had happened.

When we got there, the chair was in perfect, unbroken condition. We were all three amazed and in complete disbelief. We still recall the event every time we speak.

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The Chair

by Anonymous

Some people don't believe that chairs are haunted or a house.

I worked for my father doing upholstery. We came across some great looking old furniture and I used to love seeing how it was made. Well we had this one chair. It was a child's chair done in a light blue Velvet. It was worse for wear so I was going to strip it down and then we were going to respring it.

Well I went to grab the chair and thinking nothing of it, as soon as I touched the chair, I froze. My father said he had called my name for over 10 minutes but I didn't seem to be there.

Well as soon as I touched the chair I saw an image of a little girl in an old fashion dress, not sure of the date of the dress--was never interested--but I would say Victorian or somewhere around there. She had long dark hair with little curlettes at the end.

She was holding a doll of some kind. She was in what appeared to be her bedroom. There was smoke coming from under the door and she was pounding on the door like trying to get someone to let her out, though no one ever came. She sat down in the chair and fell asleep probably from the smoke.

Well I finally came around and didn't want to touch the chair again. In fact I left my father's shop in a hurry, though curiosity got the better of me. I went down and stripped the chair. The frame was burnt but for the place where the girl would have been sitting.

Come to find out, the lady's family owned the chair and a relative died in a fire that had started right outside the girl's bedroom. She had still been sitting in the chair when they found her.


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The Broken Lamp

by Mindi

This happened in 2005. I was in bed reading when I heard a crash and glass breaking. I thought something had fallen in the sink so I went down and checked the kitchen. Everything was neat and tidy and nothing was out of place. I returned to bed but kept thinking about the noise I heard. It was definitely glass breaking. So I got up again and went to check the kids, who were all sleeping. I went downstairs to the family room and turned on the lights. There was broken glass all over the hardwood floor. Also on the floor was a six-inch taper candle broken in half.

The glass and the candle were part of a hurricane lamp I received from a friend as a gift. I had placed it on the top of the TV wall unit way in the back so no one could knock it off accidentally. In front of the lamp was a large potted plant. In front of the plant was a row of bowling trophies hubby won. Now the lamp itself is a solid brass holder and really heavy, with a glass cover. The candle was brand new and was never burned, but more for a decoration.

ONLY the glass and the candle itself was on the floor! The heavy brass holder was still there sitting way in the back BEHIND all the other stuff. Nothing was knocked over. Looking at the candle, it was broken in the middle and melted where the break was. You could see that the wick was still unburned, only the outside was melted in one spot near the break. The glass was in many pieces on the floor as if it was literally smashed to the ground with force.

By that time the whole house was awaken, no one had any idea how the glass and the candle could land on the floor with all the obstacles in front and not knock over something if it fell. It definitely did NOT fall as everything was in its place including the actually holder.

Hubby thought it was probably a mouse. Unless it was HUGE and was on steroids or something to grab and lift the 8-inch tall glass AND candle and fling it OVER all the stuff, then I need an exterminator!

The usual 'wind' theory hubby has, was full of hot air. No wind in a downstairs family room with windows all closed and frozen shut in some of the other rooms as it was about -30C outside!

Everyone else heard the crash, but none of us have an explanation. As I was still wide awake and reading I would have noticed someone going downstairs as they had to pass by my room and the door was open. Was it a poltergeist? No idea.

A similar experience happened recently about a year ago. The girls are both married and moved out. Only the boys live at home as they are going to college (can’t afford to move out yet) and they are in their mid 20's. They were downstairs in the basement entertaining some friends. As they were sitting there talking, the soccer ball on the shelf came FLOATING down and landed with a plop on the floor. NO bounce. It was as if someone invisible took it off the shelf and placed it on the floor. All of them saw it and for grown young men they were “freaked out" as they put it. If a soccer ball falls for whatever reason it usually bounces. It doesn't SLOWLY float off the shelf and land on the floor with no bounce.

We are second owners. This house is less than 30 years old and the original owners were a young couple with small children. This was the first time anyone had actually SEEN something move on its own.

My husband is the biggest skeptic. Even if he SEES something with his own eyes he tries to explain it away as nothing or his favorite: “the wind." We have had stuff like footprints outside the house appearing from nowhere in the middle of the yard (noticed by the neighbor kid) and stopping and disappearing as if whoever walked had flown away. We’ve heard banging on the bathroom door and when you open it, no one is there and you are alone in the house; noises of drawers opening and closing and the latches making a tinkling noise (dressers all have pull handles). We’ve heard voices upstairs when you are downstairs or downstairs when you go up and you are alone. Strange lights, and weird electrical problems like the blender turning on in the middle of the night by itself and it was unplugged! The TV turning on and off by itself or changing channels on its own, just to name a few.

If this place is haunted, then who is haunting it? No one died here and the neighbors knew the previous, original owners. I would love to hear from anyone who had similar experiences or even a logical explanation (other than wind or mice, of course).

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Half of a Body Walking

by Rita B. D.
(Walhalla, SC, USA)

A good friend of my family died and was found dead in his bed. It was believed he took his own life. This was in the early 1960s. The friend's sister gave the bed he died in to my sister for she did not want any memories.

After the funeral and about a week later, my sister, myself and our roommate who did not believe in the paranormal or ghosts, all heard a creak in the floor. We were sitting at the dining table in the middle of the day. We all looked and it was the man that died wailing down the hall, visible only from the waist up.

He was in the suit they buried him in but only half of his physical form was showing. You could see right through his physical form. From the waist down there was nothing. He walked straight down the hall towards the bed he had died in.

My roommate flew into a corner shaking uncontrollably and crying in fear. We were all in a state of shock. After that things would happen.

My sister slept in the deceased man's bed and it would shake all over. She would hear heavy breathing in her ear. She was so afraid one night she asked me to lay on the other side with her. I did and also experienced the bed shaking all over and moaning sounds and heavy breathing.

My sister and I were both awake at this point and asked one another if the other was doing this and we said no. We were both so terrified that I got up and slept on the sofa and my sister got rid of the bed the next day.

The spirit was never seen or heard of again. It seemed to have followed its bed that it died in. I feel he (our friend) did take his own life and in the afterlife was chained to the bed and could not get free.

True story.

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