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Comments for
The Broken Lamp

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Jan 28, 2011
by: Charlie (a girl)

Denise definitely made a point. I was going to point out the very same poltergeist theory. I do want to point out that although it USUALLY happens in homes with adolescent children (usually female), it isn't a rule. Sometimes poltergeist activity (which is really the emotional state of a person causing telekinesis, unbeknownst to the person) is caused by adults or very young children not yet at puberty.

If the previous owners had no experiences, I would say that something IN your house could be haunted (old furniture, etc) or a spirit has attached itself to a family member. But I wouldn't rule out the land being haunted. That is also a possibility.

I would recommend a credible paranormal group do an investigation. Most paranormal groups do not charge families in crisis because they feel it's unethical, so hopefully you can find one in your area for free. :) Whatever you do, do not consult talking boards/spirit boards/Ouija boards and do not hold seances unless you are with someone who has much experience. That type of activity can be dangerous. I'm Wiccan and I won't allow Ouija boards in my home.

Feb 17, 2010
by: Matt

Hello Mindi

My name is Matt, I'm from Australia, and in the house where I grew up there were similar occurrences! My mother, who still lives there, sat talking to a friend at the kitchen table when they heard a noise. My mother turned around to see wooden utensils shoved two in the side of every pot, totaling four in a sort of pot stand. The wooden utensils came from the shelf above them. As she looked up to where they had come from, they both witnessed a tray, which her grandfather had made and her grandmother had left to her, and had died just a couple months before. They witnessed this tray float up and over trinkets in front of it and float down and place in front of my mothers feet!!

Another time, just after my father passed away, I was in my bedroom and heard a crash and my mother yell from the lounge, what was that?? I went to check, and a heavy ceramic pot had come off a shelf and fall on to a carpeted floor, then shattered into tiny pieces!!

I know this doesn't answer any questions for you, but I thought you might be interested a similar story.

All the best, Matt.

Sep 28, 2009
Possible explanations...
by: Denise

Nice story! Three things come to mind.

1) Poltergeist. A poltergeist is not a spirit. It is energy released usually from a child going through puberty or any highly emotional person. Sounds like your kids are all grown up. If there is no extreme stress or emotions in your family, then...

2). The land. You have to remember that the land your house is on has been there for God knows how long. You may want to look up the history of the land;

3). An attached entity. Sometimes spirits attach themselves to a person or even an object. Did anything happen where you lived before or to anyone in your family in the past?

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