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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Wind Chill (2007)

by Brenda - Webmaster
(Inside Your Computer :-))

I found this movie on the shelf of my video store and was surprised by this sleeper. I had actually never heard of it before I rented it.

As in many horror movies, it involves two stereotypical college-age twenty-somethings who carpool together for a ride home for Christmas break. They decide to take a "shortcut," have an accident and find themselves stuck along side the road for the night. That's pretty much where the cliches end.

Little do they know, they are caught in the same trap as others who have gone before them.

And as they sit in their car during the night, they witness the ghosts of others who have experienced a similar fate, but at first, they don't know what this is. They can't understand why these people are passing by their car, ignoring them, as they pass into the woods beyond.

They don't understand the mysterious activity that occurs on the radio . . . that is, until the story unfolds in front of them and the reason for this residual haunting is revealed.

Eerie, original and uniquely interesting, Wind Chill is one of my favorites. The acting is good, the story turns out to be quite unexpected and the ending is nowhere near cliche.

This is an excellent ghost story and if you're in the mood for something creepy and dark, without blood and gore, I think you will find this a good watch.

This is a really creepy ghost story! My favorite kind.

Watch the trailer here:

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