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What Happened to My Lock?

by Hailey
(New York, New York, United States)

Jenna was an eleven year-old girl. She hated going to boring football games or practices of her brother Peter.

One day, she begged and pleaded to stay home. Her mom, Elaine, finally gave in. Jenna was excited. There was only one problem that Jenna didn't know. Her house is haunted! She locked the door to be safe. She had to go to the bathroom, so she walked upstairs and went. While she was in there she heard noises. She was afraid to come out because of them. Jenna waited until she heard the door. She thought it was her mom, but no one was there! WAIT! The door! It was unlocked!

Jenna was so terrified that she got the phone to call her mom right away. She didn't answer. Jenna kept calling and calling and not leaving messages. Finally, practice was over and her mom picked up. Her mom and brother came home right away after she heard what Jenna said.

It took them an hour to get home, and by the time they got there, Jenna was asleep. The next morning, Jenna woke up early and ran as fast as she could to her mom. "Oh my gosh!" Jenna screamed. The door lock was missing. The whole lock! Her mom woke up, and went to see Jenna. The lock was still gone but her mom always saw it on.

The next football practice, she stayed home alone again. When Jenna's mom got home, Jenna was missing. She looked everywhere. Wait! Jenna's mom saw writing in the closet. It said, "Mom, weird people came in our house. If I am gone when you come home, call the police and send immediate search party! I love you and tell everyone I love them if I can't be found."

The rest couldn't be written, they took her.

It took the police seven years to find her. She was kidnapped, but now the kidnapper was missing.

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What Happened to My Lock?

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Nov 01, 2007
by: Ocirne!

Is it a poltergeist or something? And the kidnapper must be kidnapped by the poltergeist?

Oct 23, 2007
by: Andrew Jason

That is a such an interesting story. It is good to tell to the kids and around campfires. Great story. Hope one day you could publish a book about your stories.

Oct 22, 2007
What happened?!
by: Lucky 13

You are going to finish this aren't you. You can't leave us hanging in a tree like that.

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