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The White Dot

by Brittany

My best friend Tori and I were bored one day and decided to make videos with her camera. We looked back at some of the videos, and Tori pointed out that at the end of one of them, in the corner of the screen a white dot had appeared for only one second and disappeared. I went back and watched the video and noticed it too. We figured it was just light.

Throughout the day weird things kept happening, like through the corner of our eyes we saw what it seemed like a white dot. And when we were alone we would hear something like a quiet whisper just mumbling. We thought it was kinda scary at first but decided that all it was the wind and we were just seeing things. We went to bed wondering that night but fell asleep just fine.

Nothing happened that night and in the morning we had forgotten about the whole thing. Late in the afternoon Tori had to go home, we said bye and she went home with her parents. Later that night Tori called me telling me to get on the computer and check my e-mail because she had sent me some pictures. She sounded pretty freaked out and I wondered why. Well I got on and started looking at the pictures she had sent me. At first I didn't notice anything but after a while I had noticed a white dot in almost every picture. I was getting scared at this point.

I decided to tell Tori to come over again the next day, and she did. I took a camera phone and took 4 pictures. Two of them were of her and I; the other two were one of me and one of her. I looked at the pictures and saw there was a white dot in every picture except one of the ones with both of us in it. Tori then got my camera and took a few pictures. The white dot was in the 3 pictures she took. We didn't know what was going on but Tori had to leave again so once again we said bye and she left.

The next morning, I got a phone call and to my horror I found out that my pet dog which was at my grandmas had been hit by a car and died. I called Tori and told her. When I told her she said OMG! And told me her dog had just died. Our dogs were Yorkies, they were brothers. Then I thought back to the dot and called my grandma and found out my dog died 3 days ago and same with Tori's.

Tori and I aren't sure if the dot was our dogs telling us they were okay, or just light. But we know one thing we will never forget it!

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