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The Whistle and the Ghost

by Simz
(Durban, KZN, South Africa)

I had just moved to Gauteng a week earlier from DBN. My ex partner and I moved in with some of my campus buddies in a rented 5 bedroom house in a small town on the north of Gauteng. Since we moved in, I always had a cold feeling being in the house. I knew at the get go that something was not so right in the house. It felt like it was covered in darkness. Even though the big old house was positioned to face the sun, we hardly had any light or warmth coming in.

One night, we all went out to dinner and arrived back at the house in the early hours of the morning. My partner and I had gone to bed around 2am. I awoke around 2:45am needing to have a drink of water. As I awoke, so did my partner. While having a drink of water, my partner decided to light a cigarette and chat because we both felt restless and couldn't sleep much. At exactly 3am, my partner decided to open our bedroom window to let out the smoke from the cig when we heard the most ghastly whistle coming from outside. We both looked at each other in shock. We thought that maybe someone was in the yard but it couldn't be possible as we lived on a gated property.

In shock, my partner quickly shut the window while I sat there scared witless. We immediately tried to open our bedroom door to alert the others in the house but our door wouldn't open. Just then, we saw a shadow from under our door pass through the long passage way. I screamed for my friend thinking it was her, but got no reply.
I immediately banged on the wall so they would wake up and they did. As they responded, our bedroom door suddenly opened on its own. Freaked out as we were, we ran out of the room and into the lounge where we heard the whistling coming from the kitchen...but this time all five of us that lived in the house heard it too. The whistle was creepy and soft, almost as if it were a whisper. Just thinking about it now, gives me shivers.

We never found out where the whistling came from, however we did eventually find out that a woman was murdered in the house by her husband and buried in the backyard next to our bedroom window. Two months after I had moved out of the house, I alerted authorities and they searched the property and found the remains of the woman.
To this day, five years later, I still don't know if the whistle was that of the woman or something more sinister.

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