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The True Ghost Story Of Maa Nak

by Alvin
(Honolulu, HI)

When I arrived in Thailand to visit my grandmother, I was kind of afraid because my relatives and friends told me that this place has
over 10,000 ghosts and many haunted places. I also heard that they make the world's scariest movies. So I rented one called, "Maa Nak."

It said it was based on a true story but I didn't believe it. When I got home, I realized that something wasn't right. Then my grandmother said that we were moving to another house but when I looked up at the new house I realized it was the same house on the DVD case. After the new house was finished, a boy came by and said that a lady named "Maa Nak" haunts it, has a large bleeding hole in her forehead, and searches for her husband angrily.

A week later, weird things started happening. The
chairs keep getting stacked on top of each other, female voices kept asking, "Where is my husband?"
Then one night the terror began.

My grandma went out for the night and I was home alone frightened. I prayed and prayed but suddenly and pale, a ghostly lady appeared and her eyes were gray. I screamed and ran but I got tangled by a rope. She drew closer but I escaped. I ran to the door but I couldn't open it. I ran to the windows but the same thing happened. There was nowhere to go.

I curled up in a corner and Maa Nak began walking toward me with a knife and said she will take revenge. I closed my eyes and then my grandmother
asked me what happened.

I couldn't speak and suddenly I blacked out. The next morning I woke up and said I needed to go back home to Hawaii. As I left the house and headed towards the taxi, I saw the same horrible ghost and it yelled,"WHERE'S MY HUSBAND!"

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