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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

The Paranormal Society of Oklahoma

by Mary Carol Dench-Henry
(Tulsa, OK U.S.A.)

Thank You: I have been in the "field" since I was a child...many, many moons ago.

My heritage is Irish and American Indian. I believe that we all have the Gift of "second sight". I have discovered that there is a great deal of jealousy and insecurity when it comes to sharing one's experiences. I began to receive psychic photographs in 1978 of the spirit world and pictures of my friends (living) who had several white lights on specific areas of their bodies. Today we call them orbs. One photo resembles the image on the shroud of Turin which I sent to one of the leading researchers. In his letter he was quite perplexed as to how it was made.

I have researched several "haunted" locations over the years with several of my children. When we lived in Athens, Greece...via military...it was almost unheard of for a structure NOT to be haunted. One of my close friends and I are recruting members for our group...THE PARANORMAL SOCIETY OF OKLAHOMA. As of this time, there is a "visitor" who has taken up residence in our home. It is a man who resembles ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. I publish a newsletter...THE HIGHER PLANES DRIFTERS.
I have written and published three books via automatic writing. They can be found on the internet. There have been times when I have felt very alone in my search for others who I can share experiences with. I have hope that through this information, I can make contact with new friends.

Thank You,


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The Paranormal Society of Oklahoma

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Oct 04, 2009
by: scott

Hi my name is scott, I live in Arkansas city kansas about an hour and a half from tulsa. I have searched around my area for ghost hunters or anyone who can tell me y i feel the way i feel in my own home. I see white lights at night with no explainations rapping at the walls occasionaly and footsteps on the porch when there is clearly no one there. Just when i thought i was crazy and that someone or something was constantly watching me I tried to talk to my girlfriend who lives with me and she informed me that she had seen the same and heard the same. She to has had a feeling of being watched mostly at night. We can both lay in bed together and see a white image closly shaped to a person standing in the hall. it appears to be just watching. when the two of us argue is when we hear footsteps and rapping on the wall. I have tried to stand up to this and i speak loudly go away and you are not wanted here. when i do this everything will stop for an hour or so and then we will see the same light only a little dimmer in the hall as if we cannot see it. My girlfriend feels that the spirt is friendly and that it means no harm however i am constantly scared and have had many sleepless nights. if you have the time i would appreciate any information or advice u might have. thankyou for reading and if you do my email is Scottieboy_82 at yahoo dot com

Sep 25, 2008
Investigative Group
by: Elisa

I think we may have a lot in common...we moved here to Edmond 8 years ago from California, and I found it hard to find ANYONE that I could talk to about my experiences. I, too, have many psychic gifts that I have carried since childhood. From premonitions to the sixth sense and everything inbetween. I have been able to sense and communicate with the "other" side for many, many years. It seems that there are not as many open minded people in this area, but I'm finding more and more as the time passes. I worked with a Sherrif's office in a rural area outside of OKC. They have asked for it to be kept quiet, so I will not expose who they are. However, I was able to successfully, and quickly, locate a missing person for them, and have helped them with a few burglary cases. I have longed to be a part of an investigative group. I don't know with the distance if it would work, but we're only an hour or so away. So, if you are interested, you can email me!
camncait@yahoo.com Good luck to you with all your endeavors!!!

Sep 20, 2008
Ghost Walk Tour 2008 ?
by: Bachar

My daughter and I would like to take the annual ghost hunt tour that they do in Tulsa, can you tell me when it is going to be this year?

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