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The Man in the Window

by Ryan
(Lexington, South Carolina, USA)

I was around the ages of 2 and 3 living in Lexington, South Carolina. And some strange things were going on (according to my parents), like I would start talking in the middle of the night and they would come in the room and ask, "What are you doing up so late?" and I would say I was talking to the man in the window!

A few years later I had moved into another room when my parents had another baby and said if Paul (the other baby) starts talking about the man in the window, we're moving! Sure enough he did but at night he wouldn't talk like me, he would cry and cry. We didn't move, but we were scared. Especially when we went down to my friend Austin's house for a cook out and were playing video games. His parents said the strangest thing happened last night. Austin saw a face in the window. It's been years since that last happened though.

My parents looked at each other and asked what man in the window? The one Ryan and Paul saw when they were babies! Austin's dad got so scared last time that he went out there with a shotgun but when he got out there, not a thing was to be seen. We have seen strange occurrences lately, and by lately, I mean Austin saw him last night!! We don't know what this is about, but I know one thing - Lexington is haunted.

FACT: In South Carolina, there was a war called The Battle of Red Bank.

FACT: Around the time of the incidents, two people in our neighborhood died unnaturally another died by committing suicide!

This is a true story!

FACT: in south carolina there was a war called the battle of red bank.

FACT: around the time of the incidents 2 people in our neihborhood died on naturaully another died by commiting suicide!

this is a true story!

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The Man in the Window

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Sep 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

ok...now that's creepy.

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