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The Haunting (1963)

by Brenda - Webmaster
(Inside Your Computer :-))

I have always loved this movie. And while the 1999 remake with Catherine Zeta Jones was "okay" by my standards, the original was much, much better.

The style back then really exaggerated different details than they do today. They had no computerized special effects, so relied more on psychological factors to terrify the audience. While some of the acting may be considered hokey by today's standards, it is classic horror that is not to be missed.

When a paranormal psychologist decides to perform a psychic experiment, he invites a handful of guests to join him in the experiment. Each of these guests are known to possess abilities of one sort or another.

The experiment is held in an expansive, vacant mansion that has it's own voice. The "voice" is that of Hugh Crane and his victims. And when the psychic subjects arrive at the spooky old mansion for a weekend of tests, they discover more than their own psychic abilities.

The house is haunted and wants much more than to communicate.

The Haunting is a black and white thriller created in a bygone era. The unnerving sound effects and incredibly well-executed story make it a must-see for all horror fans and lovers of ghost movies.

What the trailer here:

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The Haunting (1963)

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Beyond Classic
by: MacNamara

Many overlook the sheer genious of this original version of "The Haunting" (1963) starring Julie Harris simply because we are all supplied with how and what we should think in movies today.

I have been watching horror movies for 40 years now and this one ranks close to the top "must see" movies of all time.

Many techniques were firmly established in the modern horror genre by this classic tale. Characters "talking" to themselves to carry forward the plot; bending solid objects to imply supernatural possession (remember the library door scene); out of the ordinary long shots and toying with film speed.

The best value of this "thinking man's horror" movie is the exquisite, true-blooded, acting forever gone today!

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