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The Great Ghost Sighting

by Lord Scilomon
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

One beautiful day, I and my friend went on a walk to a place where we had never gone before. We took a lunch in our backpack and set out from our homes.

When we had gone much farther, the sky got darker and darker and people, fewer and fewer. We came to a place with no buildings except one, which was a spooky and broken down mansion. We were already paralyzed with fear, and were determined to turn back, when I saw in the back of the mansion, a dark shadowy figure with bright glowing eyes. With trembling feet, we went nearer, though we had the compulsion to run away.

When we had gotten quite near, my friend exclaimed, " Oh my God! What is that thing?!" I had noticed the figure, and was shocked. The woman (or what I thought was a woman) was dripping blood, and staring at us with angry glowing eyes. My blood turned to ice just as I saw it and screamed, "Run for your lives!" and we ran towards the path we had come from.

We ran and ran at our top speed and fell down on the road, panting. We were both exhausted and looked around for any sign of the demon, or whatever it was, because surely I must say, it had to have been an evil spirit waiting for its prey.

But frankly, I was completely terrified and it still haunts me like a nightmare when I think of it today.

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