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The Experience With Psychic Ability

by Ronnell
(Compton, CA, United States)

The thing that made me write this was what had happened in my psychology class. It was a Friday and I walked into class thinking we were going to prepare for our upcoming class, but I was all wrong.

My professor walked in and claimed he had ESP, which is extrasensory perception. He said that he could read people’s minds and know what we were thinking. My teacher asked us to write anything simple on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half. My classmates wrote a message on the paper and handed the papers to him. One by one he read them and had most of my classmates, including me believing he could do that. To my surprise, what he said was completely false and he went on to say how there is no such thing as ESP and psychics because there were not any tests to prove that there were.

By this time I was upset because I couldn’t argue my point and I knew otherwise to his theory of there are no psychics and no ESP. If psychics were false and ESP was false, then what could be said of my friend, Denzeil.

Denzeil and I have known each other for 6 years now. I never truly found out about his special gift till we started talking about the time I had an experience with ghosts and realized that we were exactly alike. He told me he can talk to ghosts and spirits. He just had experiences where he is not himself, but someone else from a different time and a different place. Denzeil trusted me, and knew I wouldn’t treat him like a crazy person who needed psychiatric help. Denzeil and I have the same ability to talk to ghosts and there has been time after time where we are together and we have the same experience with a ghost.

The first experience Denzeil and I had with spirits, was with the ability to hear spirits. One night his family had a get together. His brother, sister-in-law, nephew and I showed up and were getting ready for bed. It was the middle of the night and Denzeil and I were sleeping in the same room and we were awakened because we heard a voice saying out loud "Go check on your nephew. He is not breathing." We thought nothing of it, but this voice we were hearing would not let Denzeil and I go back to sleep. We gave in and walked to his nephew's room. We looked in the crib and realized that his nephew truly was not breathing.

Denzeil would come to find out that the spirit was his dad named Fred. Fred is always around to protect his nephew. If it wouldn’t have been for Fred bugging Denzeil and me in the middle of the night, then his nephew could be dead. The next day we told Denzeil’s mom about what had happened to us, but she just thought we were crazy.

If there truly were no such thing as psychics then why is she on so many shows and have so many books out? I started with the second book written about her instinct called The Truth about Psychics.

Psychic Sylvia Brown was born a psychic and come from a long line of family members that had the psychic ability. From a very young age, she was encountered by ghosts and spirits, but had only her grandma Ada to talk to.

Sylvia talked about her favorite ghost story in 1990. She received a call telling her that she should investigate a haunting on the Queen Mary. Sylvia agreed without hesitation. As she stepped on the Queen Mary, she was in awe by the ship. She looked around and told the crew and the TV crew that was taping, that there were no ghosts.

See Sylvia loathes telling a lie just to boost ratings, but the further she walked, she started to realize the ship was truly haunted. She heard footsteps and then noticed ghosts dancing and talking. One ghost was more enthusiastic than the rest and was happy to see that Sylvia could see and talk to her. The ghost’s name was Mary.

So Denzeil and I would spend the night at each other's house through the years, and we would have so many ghost experiences. The experiences at my house are rather weak, because we can only see ghost white shadows and as we go up the stairs we would see white footprints. The mystery in my house goes yet unknown to who has died in my house.

At Denzeil’s house, his ghostly encounter, he knows come to be his dad, Robert who died in his house. Denzeil and I still have ghost experiences to this very day, some are horrifying while others are rather yet weird.

I have other ghost stories to tell that are the worlds most horrifying you wouldn't want to read.

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