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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

The Crypt of Janet Innes

by Damien K
(Glasgow, Scotland)

The Crypt of Janet Innes, Edinburgh

The Crypt of Janet Innes, Edinburgh

OK, I'm not a believer nor really a skeptic but I was out TRYING to capture a ghost. I was, after all, in Greyfriars Kirk Yard in Edinburgh and I thought the odds would be pretty good. Also, it must be said, my brother John works on one of the tours and got us in on a "special".

I took about 150 pictures on my 5mpx camera phone and the attached photo is before I got to the infamous Covenanters Prison. My camera - for what it's worth - got nothing in there and I mean all the pictures were black, not variations of black... just black - like it wasn't working despite the flash being on.

Anyhoo, John let us into this small underground mausoleum with a low door leading in to basically a rough floor, three blank walls and the plaque. It's before the tour takes you to William McGonnigal's memorial and the name on the plaque was "Janet Innes", 1834 I think...

I did not see anything at the time or feel anything and wasn't particularly creeped out at all but this are what I got.

There were no curtains or anything in there like it and only me and Steve (who has, as I take the pic, just fallen on a hole in the ground) and the "figure" really looks like it's wearing fabric.

So.... ghost? Aye/naw...?