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The Branchville Ghost Boy

by Hayley F
(Edisto Island, SC, USA)

We were in Branchville, South Carolina. I am originally from Edisto and that's where I live now but Branchville is where my mom's boyfriend is from. It was, I say, around 5:30pm or so during the weekend. We were riding down old dirt roads on the John Deere Gator. When we began riding down to an old plantation where the owners haven't been seen in so long, right when we entered the gate my mom and I had an eerie feeling about the place. As we got closer to the house it began to really look like the camp from "Friday the 13th" movie. It was so creepy.

By now it was quite dark. My mom's boyfriend Travis, my mom, and I got off and began to look around. We had noticed that the window to the main house was open so we took a look through the window. The inside was just like any typical haunted-looking house. We then decided that we should probably start heading home. Now night has fallen completely. Travis wanted to take one last look inside the pump house. My mom and I were already sitting back on the gator. Travis had finally got back on and was ready to go. As we were driving off, Travis flashed the lights on the porch, but he was looking the opposite way while mom and I were staring at the porch. We turned our heads for a quick second and then looked back, and as we did, there, standing on the porch was a little boy (ghostly) around the age of eight. He was just staring at us as we were leaving. My mom turned to look at Travis and tell him but before we could, we looked back and the boy was gone. We didn't tell him about until the next day.

On that next day we walked back to the gate of place and there was a fairy ring of dead birds. They all made fun of me and my mom saying things like "Oh it's Jason" or "Owwwwhhhwoo, that ghosty gonna get'ya." But my mom and I know what we saw. So we did a little bit of research on this place and creepy enough the old owners were actually owners of a funeral home for children.

I will never forget that night.

Hayley F

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The Branchville Ghost Boy

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Mar 21, 2009
Branchville Ghost Boy
by: GrayReb

Cool ghost story. Perhaps next time you'll bring a camera with you and we can all share what you saw.

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