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The Bloody Mirror

by Hannah Miller

I use to not believe in ghosts but when my friend died of a ghost I started to believe in them.

It happened last year. I went to my friend's house to spend the night. We got on spooky ghost stories and there was one about Bloody Mary. I asked her if she believed in ghosts and she said no but the odd thing is she never asked me if I believed in ghosts and that's when things started happening.

When I was on the computer it started getting screwed up. Viruses started appearing and the phone started ringing and whenever we answered it no one answered. We got freaked out. Then she went in the bathroom cause she had to go really bad and I tried to warn her something was up and that we should call the police and she refused to do that and went to the bathroom.

I heard a thump but no glass breaking like a robbery. I tried to get in the bathroom but it was locked. I kept banging on it but she wouldn't open up. Her dad came and knocked down the door but it was too late. Blood was all on the mirror but it said something strange and scary at the same time. It said GHOSTS ARE REAL.

Nothing was shattered and there were no windows in her bathroom. Police don't know how she died. They think she hurt herself but there was nothing in there. The only one who knows what happened it were the ghosts.

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The Bloody Mirror

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Jul 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry but this does not sound true at all!!! No offense next time you make up a story at least try making it sound real

Feb 24, 2011
by: Pete

You didn't happen to get this from a site called Halloween Web did ya because there's a story on there under the Bloody Mary section that's very similar

Oct 02, 2008
Not sure?
by: Anonymous

... uhmmm... is it really real, i mean true?

Aug 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

Sounds to far fetched.

I didn't believe it at all.

Jun 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

sorry but bull

Mar 21, 2008
OMG! that is some scary suff!
by: Anonymous


Nov 13, 2007
Prime suspect
by: Anonymous

I am assuming this is fiction and if not, you are the first one I would suspect in the death of your friend.

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