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Suicide Bridge, Pasadena, California

by Brenda
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Suicide Bridge 1

Suicide Bridge 1

Hi Guys!

Your friendly Webmaster here! I recently visited Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, California and tried my hand at getting some paranormal evidence. Suicide Bridge is a bridge that used to have short, concrete railings that ran along both sides. In times past, people have used this low railing to "off" themselves. The bridge is pretty tall, I'm thinking 50 feet or more and the landing is hard, right into a deep ravine. The waterway that runs underneath is usually merely a stream and only "wet" in times of flooding. In recent days, the railing has been replaced with a high fence, so it is nearly impossible to use it as a means of self-elimination.

Well, I went there at dusk and by the time I was set up, it was dark. I laugh at the phrase "set up", because all it took was parking and walking a short way to the area. (lol)

But I have to admit it was creepy under there, and being the amateur investigator that I am, I did not have night vision gear or anything. I just went around the area and snapped photos, making my way in a circle over and over. You have to understand that Southern California is not very buggy, nor is it humid. Not like it is in the Midwest or some place like that.

When I got home, I took a look at what I got on "film" (digital camera). I got two pics from pretty much the same location. One is very straightforward, the other is full of orbs. The difference in time is about 10 minutes as I cycled through the area.

I highly doubt these orbs are paranormal evidence. And, because So. California is so dry, the result is undoubtedly dust from me cycling around. I will give you two pics, the "after" and the "before".

Again, it did seem creepy at night, but check it out. Human eyes can't measure depth, etc., without light. So the phenomenon of "creepy" is probably just the result of losing my ability to see.

Regardless, I thought you guys might want to see what I got.



PS. Here is the "before" picture. However, after reviewing the sequence in my camera, this picture was actually "after" the one above. So perhaps my stomping around creating dust doesn't explain it. At any rate, see what you think.