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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Subham Roy Paranormal Investigator

by Subham Roy
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Subham Roy with Team

Subham Roy with Team

I am Subham Roy, an infamous Ghost investigator, I am now in India, and frequently visit other places, to solve and drive away demons from the Earth. I and my team am renowned to have relieved the few people we have been fortunate enough to meet and know of their problems.

Well, there is something important to say to all of our readers. Ghosts DO exist, only their form changes, sometimes existing alone, sometimes as a parasite, within other people. And experiences involving ghosts can be quite terrifying, and I request all of our readers not to venture out just for having fun with ghosts.

I, as an Investigator, visit people who we come to know of to be troubled, and know of their problems. Next, having set up all arrangements, which include a cross and the Holy Bible, we set out towards the haunted house. On arriving near it, we chant spells to purify the very air around it, and then enter. If we feel any signs of the paranormal, we then try to make the house holy by a short prayer, and since we are not a government team, our resources not all that powerful, we wait for the paranormal to attack. If it occurs, we continue to chant hymns and prayers loudly, which generally drives out the greatest of the demons.

However, it sometimes involves casualties too, and not all that easy. So, ask any questions you like, but never try it out for yourselves.

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