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St. Augustine Lighthouse

by Mikaela

As many people may have seen TAPS (aka) Ghost Hunters investigated this lighthouse on several different occasions. I am a huge fan of the show so when I was given the opportunity to go to St. Augustine I knew exactly what I wanted to do there. I found out that there was a ghost tour given every weekend at the lighthouse so my family and I signed up to do it.

On the tour we walked up to the top of the lighthouse with the tour guide and then we were free to walk around and try to experience something. When my dad was standing at the top of the lighthouse on the balcony, he was wearing a necklace and as he was standing there he felt the pendant moving and he thought it was falling. So he reached for it and when he touched it, he realized that the pendant dangling from the necklace was moving up his neck all by itself.

After he told me about this experience I became a little disappointed because I had been hoping to experience something too. So I walked down a few flights of stairs alone and although there were other people in the tower I was nowhere near anyone. I was standing on a flat area at the top of one of the flights of stairs and it was completely silent near me. Then I heard a deep man's voice whisper in my ear. It simply said, "Hello."

After this, I walked out of the lighthouse and waited at the bottom for my dad. When I told him about what happened to me in the tower he told me that after I left him at the top of the tower he said very quietly to no one in particular, "Whatever is here that moved my necklace please give my daughter some kind of experience." I had not known that he said this until he told me at the bottom at the tower.

Later on in the night my dad and I walked back up the tower and just sat down and let the video camera role. After we got back to the hotel that night my dad and I sat down at his laptop and watched the video that we had taken and very very faintly at one point in the tape you can hear whistling. When we were in the tower with the video camera we were the only people in there.

These were my experiences at the St. Augustine lighthouse. I am absolutely positive that this location is haunted and if you are a skeptic I urge you to take this tour and I guarantee that you will change your mind.

Check out Ghost and Gravestones Tour of St. Augustine

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St. Augustine Lighthouse

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Oct 04, 2009
The Hauntings of St. Augustine
by: Brenda/member

I also took one of their tours and believe me the places they take you too ARE haunted. I just put brand new batteries in my digital camera and it was working fine, until I went inside to take pics and it stopped working. An energy force was preventing it and when I got back on the tour bus. Guess what? The camera was working again :)

Jan 08, 2009
Great Report!
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you for your report. This definitely sounds like a must-see for Floridians and their visitors. Excellent.


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